New Balance 530 Lifestyle Running shoe

New Balance 530 Lifestyle Running Shoes Review

In my shoe reviews I normally discuss shoes for sport performance, but this review will be a little bit different. I usually have a set schedule for buying tennis shoes for playing tennis. That is because I get the maximum usage out of them after about 6 months. This has not been the case for regular, everyday, casual sneakers, I tend to change them less often. The time definitely came for me to buy a new pair of shoes that I can wear to the store or during a casual event. Foot comfort is still a priority because of my over-pronating  feet so I looked to New Balance for shoes that meet my criteria for comfort, style and width. I chose the New Balance 530 90s lifestyle shoes.
New Balance 530 Lifestyle Running shoe


New Balance 530 Lifestyle Running Shoes Review:

I’ve had these shoes for over a year so I have a good grasp of how they have held up and felt on my foot in many different conditions. My overall feeling is that they have been a good purchase and have performed well. I chose the Navy color. The upper is made of suede with matching color laces. The comfort of the upper and the footbed has been as expected from New Balance. No matter what I did, from just regular casual errand running to attending an outdoor fair or festivals for hours on end, my feet never felt overly tired. I recently returned from vacation while wearing the 530s. Through two different countries in varying conditions, the comfort never faded but did leave the uppers are a little dirty. New Balance suggests cleaning the lux suede model  with suede cleaner.  The price ranges between $69.99-$80.00. One complaint I did have was that the sole of the shoe wasn’t as flexible as I expected. It made me sound like I had horse shoes on. Fortunately, the sole became more playable as the shoe was broken in and this issue went away. The sole looks brand new after more than a year of everyday use and a year from now I won’t doubt these shoes will be in the same very good condition.
New Balance 530 Lux Suede Sole

New Balance 530 Lifestyle Running Shoes  Pros & Cons:


Style/comfort: The New Balance lifestyle shoes are some of the best looking casual shoes around. Even though I chose a solid color, there are many other colors available. The multiple color varieties are the most eye catching. The colors chosen always seem to match properly, never giving the impression of clashing. In addition, the comfort and construction is as expected from New Balance: comfortable, cushioned and supportive with high build quality that’s built to last.

Cons: out of the box, the shoes, specifically the soles of the shoes are stiff. The sole will loosen up after a small break in period.


The New Balance 530 are a stylish shoes for everyday wear and comfort. They look good and have a classic look that goes with anything. Flashier color patterns provide just the amount of shoe wear flair without being over the top. The initial stiffness of the sole goes away after break-in

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