Gum Rubber vs EVA soles

What are Gum rubber soles made of?

Rubber is often an element that is grossly misunderstood and there are different types that stand out in the soles of shoes today. Back in the 80s, rubber soles were actually made up of recycled chewing gum but now it’s a different story. You may be wondering what is gum rubber sole in shoes. Well, Gum rubber soles are made of natural rubber which is sourced from the Brasiliense tree which is commonly known as simply the rubber tree which is fitting. There is a milky bright white fluid that can be extracted from this tree which is essentially a latex that is later treated with heat under special conditions to result in the sole of your shoe.

Why does gum rubber have an unusual color?

The coloration of gum rubber is white in appearance and is of a natural source as we mentioned earlier. The milky white appearance can even be treated with coloration to create new shades. By standard, we see that when this natural form of latex is treated with heat the color changes and this is the cause of the unusual color. It’s definitely distinct in appearance and coveted by many being that there’s nothing artificial about it. Gum rubber is a fascinating material with a rich pigment that makes it ideal for the soles of shoes offering fantastic and durable results for extended wear.

Many colors can come from treating this rubber because it is flexible in appearance overall. It has a bouncy and enduring quality that makes it a coveted material for shoemaking. The coloration without adding anything is milky white and is perfect for other products too, but is most commonly implemented in shoes that are top of the line for optimal customer satisfaction. Gum rubber has won the hearts of many with its unique coloration and application to modern shoemaking!

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What Surface is best for gum rubber soles?

Gum rubber soles are incredibly adaptable to their surrounding environment and this ensures the safety of all who wear shoes equipped with this efficient material. Gum rubber, when equipped with the right grooves is incredibly resilient to slipping and can protect the wearer during vigorous activities. They are great when playing sports that have a slicker surface like a basketball or badminton court. The traction is incredible. They are also excellent and are highly recommended for athletes who are making constant shifts in body weight. Gum rubber soles will catch that weight and help to achieve better balance when it matters most in a game or in training. The grooves in the soles are specially crafted to use the material to create the desired level of traction.

What sports are used for gum rubber soles?

In addition to sports mentioned earlier, Volleyball is a sport that requires sudden stops and movements that can encourage slipping if you don’t have the proper Volleyball Footwear. The professionals know this all too well and make sure to implement the highest quality shoes with reliable gum rubber soles to avoid injury. Other sports include any that are played on an indoor surface such as Badminton, Racquetball or Table Tennis.

What are EVA soles made of?

You might be wondering what is EVA sole in shoes. To elaborate, EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is a strong elastomeric polymer that is commonly used in shoes and other applications. In a nutshell, it is essentially a plastic sole that is more flexible and lighter than the traditional rubber sole. The final feel has rubber-like qualities that stand out but they are very different types of material. Each person has unique needs when it comes to the material for the athletic sport shoes they choose, and it can make all the difference when engaging in various athletic sports and activities.

Some may believe that the material doesn’t matter all that much, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Certain elusive qualities like increased shock absorption make them ideal for different purposes and have garnered a lot of attention over the past few years in comparison to rubber soles. Hopefully, this sheds some light on the question, “what is EVA sole in shoes?” and gives you perspective when making your next prospective purchase. Distinguishing the difference is highly important if it’s your career.

What sports are used for sports for EVA soles?

Speaking of careers, there are certain sports where EVA soles are especially advantageous. It’s important to take note of the qualities of this material in relation to the movements taking place. For example, a runner will need more flexibility in the shoes because they stretch more when the feet are moving faster. Competition is highly important to people who are runners for a living and shoes can make all the difference.

If you measured their base speeds before and after trying the different materials then you will find that the one with lighter shoes moves slightly faster.  Another sport that is great for this selection would be trail hiking. The reason for this is that these shoes are much warmer than their rubber counterparts. They can also absorb shock better which means you are less likely to sprain an ankle on a rock or other debris you’re likely to encounter.

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What Surface is best for EVA Soles?

Like the rubber soles, the EVA soles are great for most conditions as long as the soles are viable. They can also be implemented in casual wear with the same level of efficiency. For those engaged in cardio, they are excellent for maintaining balance and absorbing the pressure on your feet from jumping jacks or burpees. They can handle rough terrain fairly well like asphalt or concrete for outside basketball sessions and help maintain stability when making that game-winning shot! EVA soles are remarkably versatile and are sought after exclusively by many people around the world for their comfort and effectiveness. All can benefit from what they have to offer for their long-term engagements.

Longevity of Gum Rubber vs EVA soles?

The fact of the matter is that both soles are highly durable. Most sports enthusiasts go for the EVA soles because they allow them to have longevity in their particular physical activity. The longevity will also depend on how much energy you are exerting while wearing them. They will generally deteriorate at the same rate, but some have reported that Gum rubber doesn’t last as long through extensive use as weekend warriors may put them through.

Both soles have an impressive durability-though. Overall, they are both fantastic options for casual and professional wear to ensure you retain a sense of durability and effectiveness even under the harshest conditions. Naturally, shoes will wear out no matter how durable they are, but both soles will give you a healthy lifespan. In conclusion, gum rubber and EVA soles serve different purposes and are marketed toward accomplishing them based on the individual needs of the customer. The best way to gauge their effectiveness is to try them and see for yourself!