What Is Bossaball?

If you’re wondering the question “what is Bossaball” the answer is that it is a new and fantastically creative sport that relies heavily on athleticism and acrobatics. Bossaball is a sport that combines parts of football, gymnastics and volleyball with music and exercise. Originating in Spain in 2005, Bossaball quickly became popular among all-around athletes and those looking for new experiences.Just like volleyball, Bossaball has 2 teams that stand on either side of a net. However, instead of sand or a hard floor, the base of Bossaball is formed by an inflatable court topped with a trampoline on each side. The trampoline allows players to fly high and spike the ball over the net or perform acrobatic acts while touching the ball.


Where is Bossaball Played?

Bossaball is frequently played on a beach or a sandy shore. However, it can be set up on any flat surface such as a public square or even a snowy mountain top. Its similarities to volleyball make it similar to a beach volleyball event.
After its origin in Spain, many European and Middle East countries quickly caught on. Today, Bossaball is played most commonly in Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Argentina, Egypt,Israel, Qatar, Chile, Saudi Arabia, and even Austria.

Where is Bossaball played during competitions?

Since its development, there have been several European Cups and World Cups played with countries participating from all over the world. Starting in 2009, countries such as Brazil, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain have participated in international competitions. The countries of Brazil, Belgium, and the Netherlands have claimed first place.

What are Bossaball Rules?

The rules for Bossaball mimic similar rules to the sports the game is designed after, including volleyball, gymnastics, and football.

Rules About Touching the Ball

Each team is allowed to touch the ball 5 times before volleying it over the net. Players are penalized if they touch the net and must have a minimum of 1 body part on their side at all times.
To begin play, the server may throw or kick the ball over the net. The opposing team attempts to return the ball to the original side. Play continues back and forth until the ball touches the ground or a violation occurs.

The ball can be touched using two techniques:

  • Volleyball technique: the player may use their hands or forearms to touch the ball once.
  • Soccer technique: any other part of the body beside the hands or arms may touch the ball. A double touch is allowed while only counting for a single touch.

How is Bossaball Scored?

A team may score by purposely scoring a point against the other team or through the opponent’s error.

To understand scoring, it’s important to first understand different zones.

  • The Trampoline Area: The innermost portion in the playing zone consists of a circular trampoline.
  • The Playing Area: The playing area is a rectangular shape that surrounds the trampoline, similar to the boundaries of a volleyball court.
  • The Safety Zone: The outer layer of the inflatable is considered the safety zone and is out of bounds. This is a free zone.

When scoring with a volleyball technique, the scoring is as follows:

  • 1 point: the ball touches the ground on the opponent’s playing area.
  • 3 points: the ball directly hits the opponent’s trampoline area.

When scoring with a soccer technique, the scoring is as follows:

  • 3 points: the ball touches the ground on the opponents playing area.
  • 5 points: the ball directly hits the opponent’s trampoline area….

Offense and Defense


The team that maintains possession of the ball is considered the offensive team. The opposite team is on defense as they try to protect their court. As the ball is passed back and forth across the net, the role of offense and defense changes.

Controlling the Game


Just as with all other sports and competitions, a referee is required to control the game, enforce rules, and keep score. In Bossaball, there are 3 referees: The first is in charge while the other 2 are assistants. The referee in charge stands under the net and is responsible for all decisions. They are most focused on the net. The 2 assistants are placed on the outermost corners to the court on opposite sides. They help to determine if a ball is out of bounds, while also keeping track of the number of touches on each side.

Ending the Game


Each match has 3 sets. A team must win at least 2 of the 3 sets to win the match. During a set, the first team to reach 21 points is determined the winner. The team must win by at least 2 points. The third and final set is played until 15 points.

Bossaball Equipment

There is a variety of equipment required for a team to play Bossaball. First is the ball, which is similar in size and look like a volleyball. The court is easy to inflate and can be set up in as little as 45 minutes. Bossaball equipment should only be set up on a flat surface.

Second is the court. Because the equipment of Bossaball is highly specialized to keep its players safe, a specialized court is required to play Bossaball. The court consists of the inflatable playing area and inner trampoline. All parts of the court, including springs and bars, are covered by the inflatable to increase safety and decrease risk of injury.

Finally, players require a net. The height of the net is dependent on the level of the players.

What Footwear to use for Bossaball?

Since the Bossaball court is a trampoline, wearing shoes is not recommended to maintain the integrity of the court. Trampoline Socks are a good alternative, providing non-slip soles and breathable performance material that will help to keep feet comfortable during play. 


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Bossaball - Final Thoughts

Bossaball is all about using sports for fitness and positive vibrations. It is designed to be safe for all ages, from 8 to 80 years. Bossaball is also one of the few sports that supports mixed-gender teams.

The fitness principles behind Bossaball combine cardiovascular health with constant movement and control. Players may perform acrobatic techniques and moving tactics to hit the ball or perform defensive moves. Because of the constant movement involved in the sport, Bossaball is a great way to work out and have fun. If you’re wondering what is Bossaball, hopefully, you have your answer. Bossaball was recently developed in Spain and has been gaining popularity across Europe and the Middle East ever since. Its unique combination of volleyball, gymnastics, and football with music in the background makes Bossaball a fun and entertaining way to get some exercise. Its rules are similar to volleyball rules, as the ball is passed back and forth across the net. However, with the use of the inflatable court and trampoline, players are allowed to use various body parts to perform acrobatic moves. Bossaball is easy and safe to play and can be played on any flat surface. It can be enjoyed by all ages from 8 to 80 years old.