New Balance Tennis Shoes Review – Model 786


New Balance Men’s 786 – White/Black/Red

Product Description:

The New Balance 786 tennis shoes are mid-range tennis shoes that are offered in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s sizes. The Men’s models are offered in White/Navy or White/Black/Red. The Women’s models are offered in White/Blue/Pink or White/Yellow/Teal. The Kid’s models are offered in White/Pink/Blue or White/Navy. The upper part of the tennis shoe is made of leather and mesh and contains features that focus on foot ventilation. The sole is non marking with a herringbone pattern for play on both indoor and outdoor courts.


New Balance 786 Sole – White/Black/Red

Product Specifications:

Herringbone Outsole allows increased traction for lateral motion and quick pivoting, Leather/mesh upper, Non-marking outsole, NDurance rubber compound for maximum durability in the high wear areas of the shoe. Men’s sizes range from 7-16 with regular (D), wide (2E) and extra wide width(4E). Women’s sizes range from 5-12 with narrow (2A), regular (B) and wide (D) width. Kids sizes range from 1-13.5 with regular (M) and wide (D) width.

New Balance Women’s 786 – White/Yellow/Teal




New Balance Kid’s 786 – White/Pink/Blue


Pros & Cons:

The New Balance 786 shoe is the 2nd pair of New Balance tennis shoes that I have owned. I like this brand because of the availability of wide widths. New Balance has made these shoes for maximum cushioning. My foot was very comfortable and it did not make a difference how many hours I played on the court. The shoes also offered very good ventilation. When the temperature was very high, my feet felt very comfortable. The vast amount of mesh on the upper side of the shoe contributed to the degree of comfort. This was a welcomed addition for me because the previous model I owned, the New Balance 1187, did not have as much mesh over the top of the upper side of the shoe. On extremely hot days, my feet felt uncomfortably warm. The New Balance 786 shoe also remained very comfortable when I wore thicker socks on cooler days. Compared to the New Balance 1187, these shoes did not have the same “low to the ground” feel. The NB 786 offers a more traditional, upright feel. The two cons I have for the shoe are the wear on the sole and the upper side. I am a pronator, which means that my shoes wear on the outsides of the outer sole. These shoes wore heavily at those points and through to the inner sole. Another con for the shoe is that the stitching on the toe area unraveled and separated the upper side from the reinforced toe area. The two imperfections happened before the one-year mark in ownership. Since the New Balance 786 tennis shoes have a one year warranty on the sole, I have started the warranty process and will update my review accordingly.



The New Balance 786 offers the traditional New Balance comfort and cushioning at a reasonable price. This shoe is offered in many different sizes and widths which will allow just about anyone to find their “just right” fit. Despite the premature sole and upper wear I experienced, I would recommend this model to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, well cushioned and reasonably priced tennis shoe who may also need different widths. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback, especially if you have prior experience with this shoe model.


Men & Women: $79.95

Kids: $49.95


Yes – one year, sole only



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