New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross Trainer Shoes(MX20GL4)

New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross Trainer(MX20GL4) Review

New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross Trainer Shoes(MX20GL4)

Product Specifications:
Weight: 188 Grams/6.5 oz
Technology: Vibram® outsole provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction. REVlite midsole provides premium responsiveness and durability at a 30% lighter weight than other foams with comparable performance

As you may already know from my other shoe reviews, I am usually reviewing tennis shoes as that is where I spend most of my physical activity time. In the quest of becoming an even better tennis weekend warrior, I realized I had to perform additional exercises. I decided to purchase another pair of shoes that I could use for just pure exercise. My shoe requirements were that I could wear them while walking or running on the treadmill, use them on the rowing machine or during weight training. My search brought me to the New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross-Trainer Shoes. The first thing that drew them to me was their look. The shoes feature metallic-look gold symbols and logos along the sides and tongue of the upper. They are very striking on a black background.
The first thing I noticed when trying the shoes on were how supportive they were around the bridge of the foot. They definitely run true to size. When trying them on for the first time you may notice that the upper may feel a bit loose and the thought may occur to you that you may have purchased the wrong size, but this feeling goes away as soon as you lace them up. I can’t say enough about the glove like fit these cross trainers offer, they really provide a secure fit around your foot. I found that they offered very good ventilation due to their construction with plenty of mesh around all areas of the upper to allow air to flow from your toes to your ankles.
What’s there not to like you may ask? Only one thing, and it probably has a lot to do with my foot anamoty instead of the shoe construction. The lack of cushioning from the minamilist design didnt provide enough comfort and cushioning for my foot. I believe that the reason for my lack of comfort is because of my lack of foot arches. If you are flat footed or are an extreme pronator, these shoes may not be for you. I tried running with them on the treadmill and using them during my cardio workouts but I could not overcome the lack of cushioning. Overall, I liked them so much that I felt like I had to find a way to re purpose them. I have found a place for them during workouts on the rowing machine. They work perfectly for this purpose and i’m very happy that I can keep them for the main reason I brought them.

new balance minimus 20v4 training shoes- sole

New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross Trainer Pros & Cons:


Lightweight – The minimalist shoe design provides a lightweight feel, featuring a weight that is half of other athletic shoes
Design – The mostly black upper with gold emblems and logos are eye catching. If you are a New Orleans Saints Football fan, these shoes fit in perfectly with their uniform color scheme.
Price – Originally listed for $99.99, they can now be found for $69.99
Ventilation – The design provided plenty of mesh for airflow around your foot.

Cushioning – For users with flat feet or overpronators, there isn’t enough support.

My rating for these shoes would be 1.25 (out of 2) shoelaces. I would recommend these shoes with reservations. They offer solid construction at a great price point. If your foot is compatible with minimalist shoes, i’m sure you will be very satisfied. If not, and you need them for athletic activities that don’t require a lot of foot pounding, they will also work for you.

Regularly $99.99, now available for $69.99

Where to buy the New Balance Minimus 20v4 Cross Trainer?

The Minimus 20v4 is currently available at Joe’s New Balance Outlet, Amazon and Lacrosse Monkey.

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