How Tabata Works

Cross Training Shoes for Tabata Workouts

Wearing Cross training shoes for Tabata workouts are the ideal models for the variety of exercise moves included in these intense workouts. Since cross trainers are known as the jack of all trades in athletic shoes, they are perfect for doing a variety of different exercises to get your heart rate pumping during these high intensity workouts.

Definition of Tabata:

Tabata Workout - Tabata is an Explosive and Efficient Workout

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Tabata workouts are a form of high-intensity interval training which offers the benefits of improved stamina, increased metabolism and weight loss. The workouts are 4-minutes in length that consists of eight timed intervals. Each interval is broken down into 20 seconds of all-out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Tabata or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)workouts may involve running, but running shoes should probably not be used for these workouts. Running shoes are not known for their lateral support. As a matter of fact, the only activity running shoes are made for is running. their design is centered around heel to toe forward movement, where cross trainers are designed for forward and side to side movement with good shock absorption and outsoles that provide traction on multiple surfaces. Taking a look at exercises that can be used for Tabata (HIIT) workouts, such as planks, squats and burpees you can see that shoes with all around support would be able to handle the job.

Cross Training Shoes for Tabata Workouts

There are several manufactures that make training shoe models that would be ideal for Tabata workouts. Most of these shoes can be used for everything from walking to aerobic workouts. In addition to highlighting a few models that would be ideal for these sweat inducing workouts.

Reebok JJ Trainer ShoesReebok JJ 1 Insomnia Edition Training Shoes

The Reebok JJ I Insomnia Edition comes equipped with next level in foot comfort technology. Features include an internal bootie design, Liquid foam insert in the heel for rebound and cushion and a Raised midsole which keeps your foot centered over the shoe platform.

New Balance Minimus 40 Cross Training Shoes for Men & Women

The New Balance Minimus 40 Cross Training Shoes for both men and women is New Balance’s most run friendly version of the Mimimus models. Feature of the shoe include a Rapid Rebound midsole to help cushion and energize runs — plus REvlite in the heel for added stability while lifting. Additionally, the Minimus 40 are designed to be worn with or without socks. New Balance Minimus 40 TrainerVibram® outsole provides maximum surface contact and multidirectional traction. For enhanced nighttime running, reflective details are also integrated into the upper. New Balance is one of the athletic shoe manufacturers that make athletic shoes in wide widths, this model is no exception as it can be purchased in D and EE widths.

ADIDAS Pure Boost X TR 2 Training Shoes for Women

The adidas Pure Boost X TR2 Training Shoes are women’s lightweight training shoes that feature an adaptive, free-floating arch under the midfoot. adidas Pure Boost X TR 2 Training ShoesAdditional comfort and convenience features include a pull-on tab at the rear of the upper to make putting on and taking off easier. The adidas Boost™ midsole features energy-returning properties to keep every step charged with energy. The upper features Stretch-mesh along with a unique free-floating arch for additional comfort. Available colors are Grey/Orange, Navy/Green, or Black/Silver.

Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes for Men & Women

The Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes are built to exceed the demands of your workout and more. The heat and abrasion-resistant film helps provide you with durable protection against the rigors of high-intensity cross training without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. Nike Metcon 2 Mens Training Shoes The low-profile TPU heel clip helps minimize drag during wall exercises and helps your shoe life last longer.  The firm heel rubber provides you with a stable feel during HIIT intervals.

Reebok Crossfit Transition Training Shoes for Men & Women

The Reebok Crossfit Transition feature a strap closure to lock your feet in tight for heavy lifting. Breathable mesh in the upper provide flexibility and ventilation. The sole of the shoe are made of gum rubber for increased traction indoors.
Reebok Crossfit Transition Shoes