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Best Walking Shoes for Neuropathy

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused when the nerves sending messages to and from your spinal cord and brain to the rest of your body are diseased or damaged. Your spinal cord and brain are connected through an intricate network of nerves. This network connects your internal organs, skin and muscles. Damaged nerves interrupt communication between different parts of your body often preventing normal sensations in your legs and arms, impair muscle movement and cause pain.

Types of Neuropathy

There are different types of neuropathy with a variety of causes. Neuropathy is classified according to the issue you are experiencing or the underlying cause of the damage. Mononeuropathy is when only one peripheral nerve is damaged. The most common causes are accidents, physical injury or trauma. Mononeuropathy can also result from extensive sedentary periods and repetitive or continuous motions and usually affects multiple nerves. Your symptoms are dependent on whether the neuropathy is your motor nerves, sensory or autonomic. Autonomic nerves can impact your blood pressure or bodily functions and cause gastrointestinal symptoms. Sensory nerve damage often impacts your balance with reflexes and movement affected by your damaged motor nerves.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Your symptoms are dependent on the underlying cause but can include one or more of the following.

• Burning, prickling or tingling sensation
• Pain
• Paralysis
• Permanent or temporary numbness
• Impaired sexual function and urination
• Muscle wasting or weakness
• Increased sensitivity to touch
• Dysfunction of glands or organs

Risk Factors and Causes of Neuropathy

Neuropathy can result from poor blood sugar control for diabetics and accounts for approximately 60 percent of all individuals with this condition. There is no known cause for 23 percent of all individuals with neuropathy. This is called idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Cancer and chemotherapy are responsible for 10 percent of all Americans with this condition.  Some of the other known causes of neuropathy include:

• Autoimmune diseases
• Physical trauma
• Nutrient deficiencies
Exposure to toxins

Best Walking Shoes for Neuropathy

If you have neuropathy and are interested in remaining active, your shoes are critical. Your footwear must be comfortable to cope with the discomfort of burning and tingling sensations and numbness. Your walking shoes should be comfortable with support, cushioning and extra room. Neuropathy footwear is often designed to add gel insoles for arch support and increased comfort. Wearing the right shoes can prevent issues with your feet and lower extremities. Ensuring the proper fit will minimize potential traumas including blisters. Your shoes must compensate for whether your feet rotate outward or inward while walking or additional stress is placed on your ankles, hips and knees. This can cause injuries or additional diabetic foot problems.

Dr. Comfort Carter

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This crafted shoe is ideal if you have neuropathy or a foot ailment. The shoes are lightweight, constructed from Lycra and stretch if your feet swell as the day passes. The flexible velcro closure is designed to accommodate foot deformities including hammertoes and bunions. The padded tongue and heel improve fit, decrease irritation and add support.

The toe box is protected to decrease your risk of toe injury with fatigue decreased due to the lightweight construction. The outer sole is no-skid, lightweight and durable. This shoe is ideal if you have edema because of the double depth capable of accommodating enlarged ankles and feet. You can machine wash them without the shoes losing their shape.

Grasshoppers Stretch Plus Women’s Sneaker

This sneaker laces up to provide support, comfort and protection for neuropathy, hammertoes and bunions. The PureFit adjustability and lace closure are APMA-approved. You can be assured of the ideal fit. These sneakers offer arch support, comfort cushioning, odor control and moisture-wicking. The anti-microbial features help prevent foot issues resulting from bacterial infections.

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The memory foam inserts recover impressions slowly with a stretch smooth leather upper. The lining is constructed from Drilex wicking to keep your feet dry and cool. The heels are rounded to decrease knee jarring. The collar and heel contain extra padding with an extremely flexible outsole. You can remove the footbed if you want to use orthotics as a replacement.

Orthofeet Gramercy Dress Shoes

This shoe is created for men suffering from general foot pain and nerve pain due to neuropathy. You can wear this stylish shoe for play or work while ensuring your feet are comfortable and protected. The shoe offers extra depth for wider feet, corns or bunions with durable leather uppers. The heel-seat is padded with gel to conform to your foot and provide relief from your feet to your knees and back.

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You receive extra support from air cushioning to decrease the jarring impact of walking. The stride is ergonomically designed to provide stability for a complete range of natural motions. The insole includes a seam-free interior lining and anatomical arch support to alleviate your pain. Pressure points are protected with foam padding making this an ideal shoe for arthritic or sensitive feet. The therapeutic design relieves several different conditions including:

• Neuropathy
• Metatarsalgia
• Foot and heel pain
• Plantar fasciitis
• Knee pain

Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Sneakers

The shoes have padded gel heels and anatomical arch supports to conform to your feet and keep you comfortable and secure while walking. The sole is lightweight with air cushioning for softening your steps. The ergonomic stride design provides stability and helps your feet move naturally. The wide toe box and extra depth decrease pressure on hammertoes and bunions.

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The padded internal liner protects your pressure points to decrease discomfort and pain. These athletic style shoes lace up to give you more support and comfort for your neuropathy. The therapeutic footwear includes non-skid outsoles and cushioned insoles for comfort regardless of the width of your feet or the swelling in your ankles and feet.

Orthofeet Chelsea Slip On Loafers

The leather upper is ultra-comfortable, supportive and durable for foot ailments including neuropathy, hammertoes and bunions. The shoes are designed with additional depth and a wide toe box to prevent any extra pressure on your feet or bunions. The orthotic insole fits your foot’s contours including a heel seat padded with gel and anatomical arch support for increased comfort.

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The style of the shoes is slip-on with a lightweight, air-cushioned outsole. The ergonomic stride increases the stability of your feet while enhancing your natural motion. The interior lining is padded with foam and seam-free with a rounded heel for added protection and comfort for extremely sensitive feet. This is an ideal slip-on walking shoe for women with neuropathy or bunions for formal, work and casual wear.

Orthofeet Monterey Bay Sneakers

This athletic-style shoe provides you with everything you need for your feet to remain supported and comfortable while walking. The insole provides orthotic support including a gel-padded heel-seat and anatomical arch support contouring to your feet. This decrease pain in your:

• Feet
• Lower back
• Heels
• Hips
• Knees

The synthetic uppers are just as lightweight and flexible as the soles. The soles provide you with air cushioning to decrease the jarring of your steps when you are walking. This is extremely effective if you walk on hard surfaces. The footwear offers you added depth to make certain you receive the perfect fit. No pressure is placed on hammertoes or bunions.

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The interior lining is seam-free with padded foam for extra protection if you are suffering from arthritis or diabetes related to your neuropathy. These shoes are constructed as athletic footwear to provide relief from sensitive feet, neuropathy, knee pain, foot pain and metatarsal pain.

Orthofeet Wichita Women’s Shoe

The synthetic upper and rubber soles offer you both style and durability while walking. This is an ideal shoe for women suffering from neuropathy, corns or bunions. The orthotic soles of the shoes are contoured to provide anatomical arch support. This will make certain your feet remain stable and comfortable while decreasing jarring to your joints including your hips, ankles and knees.

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The result is decreased leg and foot pain. The shoes are designed with air cushioning and lightweight soles to decrease pressure on your feet while lightening your steps. You receive the stability you need due to your neuropathy from the ergonomic stride. The added depth provides you with a roomy feel. The interior lining is seam-free and when combined with the wide toe box provides extra comfort for sensitive feet.

This is one of the most comfortable and supportive shoes currently available for women suffering from neuropathy or pain in the feet, knees, legs and hips. The footwear is comfortable and provides the ideal fit, stability and support.

Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Sneaker

Dr. Comfort has a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing shoes for diabetics and peripheral neuropathy offering the ideal levels of comfort, stability and support. In addition to providing you with style and durability, the mesh and leather uppers also ensure you receive the comfort and support you need while walking. These therapeutic shoes offer protection for your feet, toes and ankles.

The elastic in the lace closures ensure your shoes remain firmly on your feet while providing the correct level of support. The lining is seamless to offer you even more comfort. The mesh uppers are breathable and lightweight to help ensure your feet receive enough airflow to remain dry and cool throughout your day and when you are walking.

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The heel and toes have rubber insets for extra comfort and to stop jarring to protect your joints including your feet, knees and hips. The elastic laces mean you do not have to tie your sneakers. You can purchase them in a variety of colors with the therapeutic qualities you require when suffering from either peripheral or diabetic neuropathy.

Orthofeet Coral Women’s Sneakers

These are one of the most comfortable shoes you can purchase due to the contoured insole. The ultimate comfort you receive from the heel-set with gel padding and anatomical arch support ensures this is a good option for neuropathy. The sneakers are designed to decrease the pain you feel in your feet, heels, hips, knees and lower back when you are walking.

The lightweight synthetic uppers support your ankles. The soles are air-cushioned to lighten your steps. The ergonomic stride offers your feet a complete range of motion while lightening your steps and provides the stability you need when you are walking. The sneakers are designed to be non-binding and provide you with added depth to make certain your feet are not cramped.

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Even if your feet swell, you will still receive the ideal fit. There is plenty of extra room due to the wide toe box ensuring your toes are able to breathe. Padded foam is used to line the interior for additional support and comfort. These athletic shoes are ideal for women suffering from foot ailments including neuropathy, metatarsalgia, bunions and corns.

Drew Shoe Women’s Rose Mary Jane

This therapeutic footwear combines comfort and style for women suffering from diabetic and peripheral neuropathy. These shoes are a good option for style without pain. The durable uppers are constructed from leather with the measurement of the heel at approximately one inch. The platform is one-half inches in height. The construction is both lightweight and breathable with padding added to protect your pressure points while increasing comfort.

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If necessary, you can remove the insoles and replace them using an orthotic alternative. The Mary Jane features a double depth to provide you with a roomy fit. The Plus Fitting System makes certain you receive the most secure fit possible for your feet. This is extremely important for anyone suffering from neuropathy, extremely sensitive feet or feet issues.

Extra cushioning has been added to the molded sole to ensure great traction and exceptional comfort. The straps provide you with a hook and loop to ensure your shoes remain securely on your feet while you are walking.

The Bottom Line

All of the shoes detailed above are designed to help with neuropathy and other foot issues. Hopefully, the list provided will help with your comfort and continued physical mobility.