Best Diabetic Boots for Men and Women

In continuing our series on diabetic footwear, we decided to also discuss diabetic hiking boots. Click the link to see our choices for the Best Diabetic Walking Sneakers for Men and Women. Diabetic boots are a newer edition to the latest line of specialty made footwear that cater to diabetic patients. Exercising becomes even more important when you have diabetes. When it comes to walking, many doctors recommend diabetic patients to have daily walks. Walking is good for diabetics as it reduces cholesterol level and prevents cardiovascular disease, a common complication of diabetes. It also lowers one’s blood sugar level. Since hiking is a more intense version of walking, which is recommended, choosing diabetic boots for hiking becomes more important as more robust heel and ankle support are needed to protect the feet while walking on the sharper inclines and declines. Hiking can be rougher on the feet, which diabetic boots help to protect against blisters and callouses.

Shoe manufacturers that make Diabetic Hiking Boots?

There are several shoe manufacturers that make diabetic boots. Drew, Dunham (New Balance) and Propet the manufactures that make the most rugged looking diabetic hiking boots. Below are our choices for the best diabetic boots for men and women.

Dunham Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Diabetic Boot

The Dunham Cloud Midcut Hiking Boots offer the comfort of a walking shoe, the durability of a work boot, the aggressive traction and support of a hiker. They also come in sizes up to 18 and widths up to 4E. Its mid-cut collar offers great ankle support, while aggressive tread on the durable rubber outsole helps to keep you grounded on tricky terrain. dunham-cloud-mens-diabetic-hiking-bootsTectonic Tongue engineered foam flexes at the 3 main foot “flex zones” for evenly distributed pressure and comfort with each step. Premium foam insert gently conforms to the foot to disperse shock and pressure






Propet Cliff Walker Diabetic Hiking Boots

The Prophet Cliffwalker Hiking Boot is a rugged, athletic boot that tackles outdoor adventures with ease. Featuring a waterproof leather upper, breathable nylon mesh lining and an efficient hook and loop lace system that lets you get on your way quickly, this sturdy shoe is made for hiking. prophet-cliff-walker-diabetic-hiking-bootsThe Cliffwalker also boasts a Self-cleaning tread and waterproof protection for mucky trails.











Drew Glacier Women’s Diabetic Hiking Boots

The waterproof Drew Glacier Hiking Boots are made from nubuck and textile. These boots help to alleviate the pain and discomfort of common foot conditions, this Medicare-approved women’s ankle boot accommodates a range of orthotics. drew-womens-glacier-diabetic-hiking-bootsThe tempered steel shank and firm heel counter enhance stability and support. The durable rubber outsole delivers steady traction for all conditions.








Drew Rockford Men’s Diabetic Hiking Boots

The Drew Rockford Boots for Men creates its own category as a truly unique comfort boot. These popular men’s orthotic boots offer two removable footbeds found in the patented Plus Fitting System. Ideal for extra-thick orthotics, the Drew Rockford boots accommodate for even the most extreme foot conditions. drew-rockford-mens-diabetic-hiking-bootsComplete with waterproof leather uppers and linings to keep the foot comfortably dry, along with a slip-resistant design, the Drew Rockford men’s comfort boot is the ideal boot for work, winter, hiking or just everyday wear.








Prophet Women’s Ridgewalker Diabetic Hiking Boots

The Prophet Ridgewalker Women’s Hiking Boots are versatile enough to go from work, to the hiking trail to casual around the town use. prophet-ridgewalker-womens-diabetic-hiking-bootsThe boot is constructed with suede and mesh upper that is waterproof which will keep your feet warm and dry.








What makes a hiking boot a diabetic hiking boot? What are the medicare requirements for diabetic hiking boots?

Here are the guidelines that shoemakers follow when making these specialized models:

  • The shoes have to have a full length, heel to toe filler that, when removed, provides a minimum of 3/16 inch of additional depth used to accommodate custom molded or customized inserts
  • Are made from leather or other suitable material of equal quality
  • Have some form of shoe closure
  • Are available in full and half sizes with a minimum of three widths so that the sole is graded to the size and width of the upper portions of the shoes.

More information about these guidelines can be found at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

Will Medicare pay for diabetic hiking boots?

As you can see, some diabetic hiking boots may be little bit expensive than ordinary hiking boots. Patients who require these shoes to fill their diabetic need are advised to see if it is covered by their insurance or medicare as a form of  medical management care.  Checking with your healthcare professional is the easiest way to find out if you meet all of the criteria. Also, diabetic boot models that are reimbursable have to carry the HCPCS Code A5500 in their description. All of the shoes listed in this article are eligible for medicare reimbursement. For additional information, also check the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.