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Athalonz – Baseball Shoes with Power

Proper shoes and mechanics are the foundation of good baseball play, but can baseball footwear increase power while providing a foundation for baseball mechanics?  Waiting in the batter’s box to drive a fastball over the outfield fence, turning the double play as a shortstop, pitching a perfect game or tagging a player trying to steal home all require body control and power to make each of these plays successful.

Shoe Technology

Shoe technology can aid proper baseball mechanics. Most baseball shoes are designed to align the feet with the ground with weight distributed across the foot. More weight distribution to the outside of the foot provides less rotational force for batting, throwing and pitching. When body weight is distributed on the inner portion of the foot, more rotational force occurs. There are a pair of shoes on the market that put your body into the best athletic foundation by putting your weight into that inner portion of your feet for more power. Athalonz is the only baseball shoe on the market that provides this technology and power boost. I’ve heard the claim that Athalonz can cause power increases, so I decided to dig into the technology a little more. Here is what makes them power brokers on the baseball diamond:


Athalonz Baseball Shoes




Athalonz Baseball shoes leverage the following scientific Laws:

  • The scientific law of motion (Newton’s first law of motion) states that a body (e.g., the athlete) at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force (e.g., ground reaction force).
  • The scientific law of power (P) states that power is the result of a force (F) applied over a distance (d) in a given time frame (t).
  • The scientific law of ground reaction force (GRF) states that it is equal to and the opposite of the force a body applies on the ground.

In simpler terms, Decreasing leg angle while increasing gravity angle provides this increase in force


How does Athalonz enhance the batting stance and solve batting stance problems?

An ideal batting stance calls for weight to be distributed on the balls of the feet with knees slightly bent which allows a stride and explosive lower body rotation to occur. There are common problems with batting stances.  One of them is having feet too wide in the batting stance. If feet are too wide in the batting stance, weight and rotation are reduced. How does Athalonz Baseball Cleats take care of this issue? By providing an optimal athletic stance, which translates into a stance that’s angled inward, weight and body rotation for batting is transferred more efficiently. Another common batting stance problem is having the front foot closed. The front foot should be slightly open for proper rotation and power transfer. How does Athlonz help with this issue? By making sure that the load weight is concentrated on the inside of the foot and preventing rollout to provide the maximum amount of power to the swing.

How does Athalonz Solve common Pitching stance issues?

The blog discusses the important points to keep in mind for a great pitching stance. When pitching, it’s important to:

  • Don’t have a wide stance, since a wide stance makes it difficult to get balanced and stay balanced.
  • Be slightly closed – to make it easier for a player to get their foot placed properly on the mound and body in the correct position.

Similar to batting, most of the power comes from the lower body. Athalonz can help by helping to keep your stance within the proper width and keeping your body slightly closed to have proper balance and body position to get the maximum rotation for an increase in power.

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