3 ways football player stay safe

3 Ways Football Players Can Stay Safe

Although football has a reputation for being a violent and hard-hitting sport, there are a host of precautions that you can take to make it a safe experience. Equipping yourself with the proper gear and knowledge will drastically reduce your risk of injury. Here are three proven ways that football plays can stay safe and have a positive experience out on the gridiron:

Wear Proper Gear

The number one way that you can protect yourself while playing football is to wear the proper gear and equipment. Helmets are crucial because of the risk of concussions, which can lead to many complications and challenges. The helmet should be engineered with a hard outer shell housing a thick layer of padding. The helmet needs to fit tightly and securely around the head and be outfitted with a facemask and chin strap. In addition to a helmet, players need to wear pants with leg pads, shoulder pads, a protective mouthguard, and a jock support with a cup. Proper shoes are also imperative. Your coach will be able to tell you what type of shoes are allowed in your league.

Follow the Rules

The rules of football are put in place for a reason. Following all of the safety rules will serve to protect you from potential mishaps on the field. It is also important to be respectful of your coaches, referees, teammates, and everyone on the opposing team. It is not worth your time and effort to argue about calls or other disagreements on the field. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument between others, the best course of action is to let a coach or referee know about the escalating situation so that they can handle it without your involvement.

Warm Up Before Playing and Cool Down After

As with any type of sports participation, it is vital that you properly warm up and stretch prior to a practice or game. Engaging in warm-up exercises will prepare the muscles to move and reduce the risk of injury. Cooling down after a competition or physical activity will help you to de-stress while also relieving muscle tension.

You can take your safety into your own hands by making sure that you have the right gear and that you know how to safely play the game. You will enjoy the playing experience much more if you are prepared for the rigors of the game.