Women’s Athletic Shoes from Payless For Under $40


In our blog, we have many entries about the best shoes that are available for your sport. Sometimes though, because of budget constraints, its sometimes necessary to make a strict value choice to get the athletic shoes you need to participate in your chosen physical activity. Payless Shoe Source offers excellent value for athletic shoes that are very affordable and  will fit in any kind of budget. We take a look at several women’s running and athletic shoes from Payless Shoe Source, and discuss their pros and cons which are sourced from product reviews. All of these Women’s shoes listed  from Payless are less than $40, which make them a comfortable and affordable option for any budget.

Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer Shoes – $39.99

The Women Gusto Trainer offers lightweight design and a durable upper that features laces for good fit, a padded collar, soft lining and cushiony memory foam insole all designed for comfort. The outsole is also lightweight and non-marking, adding to the all around comfortable design of the shoe. The available colore are: Grey Jersey, Coral Gray, Turquoise Lime Navy, Black White Graffiti, Turquoise, Blue Light Blue and Black.

Pro’s of the Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer shoes:
– Lightweight and Comfortable
– Able to be used for gym workouts including running and walking
– Offer a great value and style for the price

Con’s of the Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer shoes:
– Size runs small
– for some users, cushion and support may not be good enough for running
– Questionable Longevity

Champion Launch Window Running Shoes – $29.99

The Women’s Launch Window Running Shoes by Champion are designed with X-CELL Technology. The technology along with a padded collar, mesh lining, memory foam insole for comfort, and a lightweight, firm, cushioning outsole allow for even a higher level of comfort. The upper of the shoe features a mesh with sporty color accents. Other easy to wear features include an ankle pull tab for easy on/off.


Pro’s of the Women’s Launch Window Running Shoes:
– Great value for the price

Con’s of the Women’s Launch Window Running Shoes:
– Some reviewers reported that the shoe comfort and support wasn’t as good as expected
– Size runs big

Kangaroos Women’s Shaker Jogger Running Shoes – $39.99


The KangaROOS Shaker Jogger features a mesh upper with sporty color accents, and the famous Kangaroo side pocket with zipper and hook and loop close. The uppers lace up for a good fit. A padded tongue and collar, soft fabric lining, padded insole, and a durable outsole contribute to the shoes comfort for the price. Colors include Black, Grey/Blue, Maroon/Grey, and Purple/Coral.

Pro’s of the Women’s Shaker Jogger Running Shoes:
– Throwback to the 80’s styling
– Distinctive features (The famous Kangaroo shoe pocket)
– Durable

Con’s of the Women’s Shaker Jogger Running Shoes
– Sizing can run small
– Cushion may be lacking

Champion Women’s Gusto Runner Running Shoes – $34.99


The Women’s Gusto Runner features sporty shoe accents on the mesh upper as well as on the sole for a fun and distinctive look with ‘Gusto’. The upper laces up to help ensure a good fit. The Gusto running shoes are versatile, functional and stylish enough to wear them on the running trail or to the supermarket and be comfortable doing both. In addition to the padded collar, the Gusto running shoes feature soft lining and cushioned, memory-foam insole. The outsoles are non marking which also help make them a multipurpose shoe.

Pro’s of the Women’s Gusto Runner Running Shoes:
– Lightweight Construction
– Stylish
– Great value for price

Con’s of the Women’s Gusto Runner Running Shoes:
– Sizing runs small
– Durability and longevity for heavy use

Many of the cons for each of the shoes are that sizing seems to be off and that longevity can be questionable. Keeping in mind that Payless and Amazon offer generous return policies and that the level of longevity match up very well with the pricing when compared to higher level women’s running shoes, you will be able to see that these athletic women’s running shoes offer unparalleled value to fit your budget exercise needs. Click the Payless link or Amazon link to see the Women’s Running shoes discussed in this article, or See our Shoe Deals and Sales page for a list of special shoe deals and coupon codes.  In addition to the links, Payless offers several different ways to purchase shoes, from their website, through Amazon or in their stores. Here are some advantages of each method:

Online at their website:
– Don’t have to leave home
– Ability to use their coupons that are published or offered on their home page
– Free Shipping with orders over $25
– Free Returns to any of their stores

Online through Amazon.com:
– Don’t have to leave home
– Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
– Can arrange delivery to Amazon Locker for safe keeping for pickup when you have time
– Access to many more customer reviews
– Ability to use Amazon gift cards and credit cards for rewards

In person at a Payless store:
– Instant Gratification
– Can see the shoe in person and try it on for fit
– Can see the exact color


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