Butterfly Lezoline TB Table Tennis Shoes

Top 2016 Table Tennis Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right table tennis shoes, you
don’t need to go shop to shop looking for the perfect ones. All you need to
know is the specific qualities that make up good table tennis shoes and you are
good to go.

As a general rule for choosing table tennis shoes, you need
to look for those with a good grip on the base. Good grip at the base ensures
that you keep your balance while playing table tennis. The second rule is to
choose those with hard and fairly flat soles. Unlike spongy soles that restrict
movement while moving around, hard and flat soles allows for free lateral and forward movement.
Also, the shoes should be made of materials that allow for breathing to provide adequate ventilation and prevent
sweating, and they must be light enough to allow for movement.

It’s important to remember that table tennis shoes are
specifically designed for playing table tennis or other indoor court sports such as badminton, racquetball or squash. You should not use them for running
or playing other types of sports.

Now choosing the best tennis shoes can only be simple when
you know precisely what you’re looking for. If you are looking for the best
tennis shoes for your table tennis tournament or practice this year, read on to
learn about the top 2016 table tennis shoes.

Butterfly Lezoline Zero Table Tennis Shoes

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Butterfly Lezoline Zero Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly’s Lezoline Zero is a brand new 2016 table tennis
shoe of the highest quality. It’s ideally suited for the specific movements of
the modern table tennis player.

Although the Lezoline Zero is light and very much flexible,
the shoe has a fantastic grip and retains stability, even during the most
rigorous and demanding movements during play. The network of mesh material
inside the shoe absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable- you
don’t have to bear with the slipperiness and uncomfortable feeling while

They are available in various sizes and come in white color.
Due to their design, inner construction, and weight, they are recommended for
light or medium weight players.

Butterfly Lezoline TB Table Tennis Shoes

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Butterfly Lezoline TB Table Tennis Shoes

Besides its exciting designs with fresh colors, this top
model in Butterfly’s Lezoline series is surely a remarkable pair.

One of the most intriguing facts about the Lezoline TB is
that it was designed and developed with the help of Timo Boll, the table tennis

It’s a stable shoe that features an additional stability
shock dampening and provides a comfortable fit, not to mention its highly
breathable material that allows your feet to breathe and is comfortable to
wear. The shoe is also light, flexible, and ensures perfect balance, even in
the most demanding movements of the sport.
It also comes with high grip soles for easier movements. In generally,
the Lezoline TB satisfies all the demands and needs of a professional table
tennis player.

It runs about one size larger in U.S sizes than all other
Butterfly shoes.

Butterfly Lezoline Sonic Table Tennis Shoes

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The Lezoline Sonic is another great Butterfly shoe in the
Lezoline series that was specially designed by engineers to meet the specific
demands and requirements of table tennis movements.

The Lezoline Sonic is an extremely flexible shoe with an EVA
midsole that provides good support and cushion, making it pleasant to wear.
It’s a lightweight shoe that guarantees maximum comfort at an amazingly low
weight, allowing for flexible movements while playing.

The upper part of the shoe comprises of a highly breathable
mesh material that disperses perspiration for added comfort.

Each pair comes with silver laces as well as a complimentary
color set of laces including pink w/pick laces, lime w/yellow laces, white
w/black laces, and blue w/blue laces. The shoes also come in a range of
exciting fresh colors such as green, white, blue, and pink, not to mention that
they offer the perfect cost effectiveness.

Donic Waldner Flex III Table Tennis Shoes


Donic Waldner Flex III Table Tennis Shoes

Donic’s Waldner Flex III generally meets all the
requirements of a professional table tennis player of the highest class, thanks
to its latest improvements of the successful original model in a brand new
design with enhanced cushioning effect and grip.

The new design basically incorporates a special non-slip
sole and the use of a high percentage of natural rubber to ensure a firm grip.
The shoe features an orthopedic shock absorbing EVA-middle sole with cushioning
of the innersole, making it more comfortable to wear.

The upper nylon mesh material disperses perspiration to
allow your feet to breathe freely and for added comfort. Due to its lightness
and flexibility, the Waldner Flex III ensures the perfect balance, even with
the most demanding movements. The shoe is available on white-cyan-black color,
and additional blue shoe laces are included in the package.

Targa Flex IV Table Tennis Shoes


Donic Targa Flex IV Table Tennis Shoes

The Targa Flex IV is another incredible shoe in the Flex
series that is said to have the best cushioning effect of all Donic shoes. It’s
because of the great cushioning effect and significantly improved flexibility
that makes these shoes comfortable to wear.

The Targa Flex IV shoe is characterized by a non-slip and
flexible sole with a reinforced midsole characterized by a high orthopedic
damping force for maximum shock absorption and added comfort. The flexibility
of the rubber soles ensure excellent gripping as it’s crucial for the quick
sideways movements required during a match or while practicing.

The shoe’s upper consists of a breathable nylon mesh as well
as stabilizing soft synthetic leather upper for great comfort and a snug fit.

It’s available in white with red and black accents.

Alpha Step 1 Table Tennis Shoes


Andro Alpha step1 Table Tennis Shoes

The Alpha Step 1 from Andro is a lightweight and highly
comfortable shoe with a bright outsole that provides high traction and
excellent stability for the quick front and side steps performed during a table
tennis game. In other words, the high traction is quite beneficial for the
quick movements performed while playing table tennis.

The innersole offers comfort and great cushioning effect on
your feet even during the most intense movements. The breathable nylon mesh
material that is supported by stabilizing elements at the front and back
provides a comfortable and snug fit. The good grip on the sole gives you high
performance for the specific movements used in modern table tennis.

The shoe is available in white-cyan-blue color with white
shoe laces. It’s also available in different sizes ranging from U.S sizes

The Alpha Step 1 is generally a light, flexible, and
comfortable shoe that is specially designed for modern professional

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