Victor SH-P9200LTD-GQ Badminton Shoes

The A-List Of 2016 Badminton Shoes

There’s no doubt that it’s pretty important to wear badminton shoes while playing the game. Every second and every movement counts in this game and the last thing you’d want is to be let down by your sports gear. New players often tend to ignore this aspect – running shoes don’t provide the kind of support your ankles require while playing badminton, so you could end up injuring yourself. Besides, aggressive performance demands you to be agile and speedy. That’s only possible with well built specialized sports gear. To be the best, you’ve got to own the best. That might sound strange, but its true to a certain extent. Thus, it’s vital that you pick a great pair of badminton shoes. If you’re unsure about what to look for, this list of 2016 badminton shoes might be a good place to start. We’ve chosen some of the best and newest models in the market and reviewed them for you.

1. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus Badminton Shoes


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Crafted from high quality leather, this shoe is a gorgeous looker! The blue bottom and laces go well with the bright yellow upper body. The midsole of this three layered model comes with a host of patented Yonex technologies – the Hyper msLite, Power Cushion, Solid E.V.A – you name it. Composed of an extremely light material, the shoe promises to minimize muscle fatigue and convert impact energy into more power resulting in faster foot movements. Here’s a jaw dropping testament to the technology that Yonex has put into this shoe – the power cushion sheet is capable of bouncing back an egg up to four meters without any damage when dropped from a height of seven meters! The Aerus badminton shoes are also available in a women’s version and a special edition Lee Chong Wei version.

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2. Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Tour Badminton Shoes

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Much like the previous model, the Comfort Tour has an eye grabbing look as well. True to its name, this badminton shoe has been designed with the intent of providing the best possible ankle support and comfort across all badminton court surfaces. The Power cushion technology has been put into use here too, resulting in ample feedback in all your power shots and footwork. The rest of the build is pretty much borrowed from the entire Power Cushion series and is a satisfactory buy.

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3. Victor SH-P9200 Badminton Shoes

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This particular model is from the Victor Badminton Professional footwear line, and also part of the TheRealDeal collection.  TheRealDeal represents the “traditional spirit of the sport and celebrating the breakthrough of performance boundaries and athletic records for #TheRealDeal from each country.” This limited model wears colors that represent the colors and patterns found in Latin American festivals and the image of a tropical rainforest. The gold flash of color found on the upper also represents the hunger and confidence for victory. One could also say that the colors on the limited model are also to  celebrate the Latin American festival and the quest for gold medal greatness that will be found at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. This badminton shoe model contains a host of nine patented Victor technologies to aid in comfort, wear and performance. Made of a rubber outsole, the shoe has its own shock absorbing EVA with a patented technology called EnergyMax 3.0. This is expected to provide optimal levels of comfort, if not the best. The upper of the shoe contains microfiber leather for additional foot comfort. Overall, it offers great value and style for the money. If the vibrant colors of the SH-9200 LTD model aren’t really your style, Victor has got your back. There are several other colors of the SH-9200 available that range from more traditional color patterns to brighter colors and everything inbetween. See the gallery for more color options.

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4. adidas Adizero Uberschall F7 Badminton Shoes

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adidas makes great shoes for many different sports, so it’s no surprise that they also make a quality shoe for badminton players. The adizero Uberschall Badminton Shoe comes with a unique mesh that manages heat by transferring air in and out of the shoe. Other features include abrasion resistance, lightweight mid sole cushioning, rear-foot stabilizer and anti slip lining. The build and design of the shoe is something to write home about. It just screams quality all over. The features and the style along with the level of quality adidas is known for would also make this shoe worth purchasing.

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5. Li-Ning Glory Chen Long 2016 Badminton Shoes

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Manufactured in honor of the Chen Long championships, the Li-Ning Glory Badminton Shoes features a great looking and breathtaking design. From the outside, the shoe has a carbon fiber build that keeps all your movements stable, providing you additional control. Coming to the heels, there’s a system that offers a complete 360 degrees of foot protection. Every aspect of this shoe is well crafted except for the price. The cost may be expensive but it surely would be a great investment if you don’t mind paying for quality.

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6. Li-Ning Chen Long 2016 Summer Badminton Shoes

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The outer surface of the Li-Ning Chen Long 2016 Summer Badminton Shoes are completely rubberized and the bottom has anti skid countermeasures. Looks wise, we liked the gray variant more than the bright orange variant. It might just be one of the better looking shoes on this list. It’s sometimes a good thing when manufacturers opt for an elegant design rather than throwing the kitchen sink at it. This shoe is a perfect example in terms of that – simple yet great design with good features. This is a must have for all levels of badminton players.

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A lot of players are of the opinion that most of these shoes and their patented technologies are only a marketing gimmick that provide no real advantage in the game. The truth is that you’ll never know until you try one. There’s a lot of research and development that goes into making badminton shoes and the above list is a testament to that fact. Each piece is designed after a concentrated research effort with a single goal – to help players unlock their entire potential and achieve goals as planned. It’s about time you explored these options too. Pick a  pair and try them on the courts. If looking for last year models, which may often carry a bigger discount, check out our 2015 list of best badminton shoes.

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