Sir Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile running shoes sell for over £250000


Spikes in the picture were basic, made of real leather and longer non remove able spikes. That has changed over the years. New technology has been introduced which makes running lighter by using new lighter materials, including mesh to help with ventilation. The average difference in weight of about 2 ounces. Newer spike sizes are about 1/4 inch and uppers are made of bright and styish colors. Today’s running shoes differ in looks and performance from the days of Mr. Bannister’s shoes.

Sir Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile shoes sell for £266500 at auction
Sir Roger, 86, said that the shoes were “the last tangible link” he had to his three minutes and 53 second victory run. All his other trophies are on display at Pembroke College Oxford, where he was Master. The running shoes worn by Sir Roger Bannister
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