Reebok Z Pump Fusion for Men and Women

The Reebok ZPump Fusion Running Shoes brings back and updates the famous Reebok Pump technology that was originally made for Basketball shoes. This technology provides a runner with a locked in fit every time they take the road with their shoes.  The pump technology , which is an air-filled cage, wraps around the top of the foot and the Achilles area and fills with air to provide increased stability and support to these key areas. The air bladder of the pump is controlled by a inflate and release button on the outside of each shoe. The upper is made of mesh for maximum ventilation and created using seamless construction.  The out sole features material and tread pattern that’s inspired by car tires to provide the runner with more control during stopping, starting and cornering. The entire shoe bends with ease to provide comfort during foot movement.  The shoes will display in several different colorways. Men models will be available in Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Graphite and Grey/Gravel/Orange. The Pump graphic is prominently displayed on the top of the shoe. The sole of the shoe is white with a splash of color on the key outside traction areas. See pictures below.
Reebok Z Pump Running Shoes - Black/Red

Men Reebok Z Pump – Black/Red



Reebok Z Pump Running Shoes - Grey

Men Reebok Z Pump – Grey


Reebok Z Pump Running Shoes - Black/Blue

Mens Reebok Z Pump – Black/Blue

Reebok Z Pump Running Shoes - Black/Yellow

Men Reebok Z Pump – Black/Yellow




The Women’s Z Pump Fusion Running Shoes will be available in Black/Pink, Black/yellow and Grey/White. The images are displayed below.



Reebok Women’s Z Pump – Grey






Reebok Women’s Z Pump – Black/Pink




Reebok Women’s Z Pump – Black/Yellow















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