Pacquiao vs Bradley – 2014

Pacquiao vs Bradley: April 12, 2014, was another huge night for boxing. Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley had a rematch of their bout from 2012 where Bradley won in a split decision.
After the original fight, Bradley faced many obstacles. He won money and the title but was lambasted for not winning in a unanimous decision. According to an interview Bradley did with ESPN, he said that he was depressed and even considered suicide. Shocking!
Pacquio faced his own obstacles. His main problem remained in the ring. He suffered a knockout at the end of 2012 but won a unanimous decision in 2013. Bradley also won a match decided by unanimous decision and lost with a split decision to Juan Manual Marquez, who was the same man who knocked out Manny Pacquiao, two months later.
Bradley has been able to recover mentally from the 2012 bout with Pacquiao. Hopefully, the great weather in Las Vegas will make it a memorable fight.  No matter the results, Bradley can hold his head high. Something tells me that only a knockout will satisfy the original fight night critics.
Edit: Pacquiao avenged the loss in 2012 and was awarded the title recently with a unanimous decision against Bradley.


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