New Balance Running Sneakers for Fall Running Season


Running began since the dawn of man but running in the autumn in New York City as a sanctioned race began in October 1970. The idea was realized by a visionary named Fred Lebow who originally organized the race around Central Park. The first marathon featured 55 runners around the park to quickly grew to accommodate thousands of runners, running around the 5 boroughs of New York City. The finishing time during the first race was around 2.5 hours and those times have been pretty constant through the marathon’s history. Most runners would agree that fall is the best time to run because winter is too cold and risky and summer is way too hot for running.

Why is Fall the Perfect Season for Running?

Cooperative Weather:

If you are looking forward to burning more calories and losing weight, increasing your cardio capacity or challenging or beating your best times.  fall is an ideal time because the weather is enjoyable and bearable. The fall season offers an abundance of cool air and temperatures which helps your stamina and the ability to control your breathing a little easier. Hydration, while always important, is easier to control with cooler air.  You may also feel more empowered to try different running methods during the cooler weather. Trying sprint intervals or running with weighted clothing are much easier to try during the fall while conditions are ideal to help make you a more efficient runner.

The Change of scenery

Depending on where you live, you will begin to notice the change in color of leaves in the late September as well as in mid-October. The peak of spectacular foliage is nature’s rainbow without the rain. The fall also brings an incredible crispness and smell in the air. Who wouldn’t want to run while experiencing this sensory overload?

Tips for Great Fall Running:

Get Reflective:

A tradeoff for the great weather for fall running is that the days are shorter.  Most likely, during the times you will be able to run, visibility may be an issue. To be on the safe side, you need to wear reflectors to be visible to traffic such as cars, bikes and other runners. When looking for running shoes and gear, look for the one that has reflective layers built in.

Check and change your shoes when needed:

If you need an amazing fall run, you need to have the best running shoes. The rule of thumb states that you should check your shoes after every 300 miles and change them depending on their condition. Actually, the right time to replace your shoes can also be when you start feeling aches and pains than usual and/or when the tread on the sole is worn out.

Which are the best shoes to wear?

Just in time for the fall running season. New Balance has released new Running Shoes for both men and women.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo for Men & Women Running Shoes:



If you are in search for a fall running shoe that offers incredible cushioning without sacrificing stability, you need the Fresh Foam Vongo. The new balance shoe was designed for that particular runner who yearns for a smooth underfoot experience.  The shoe features an overstuffed medial midsole that offers unparalleled support without having to rely on the traditional and archaic dual
density construction. Besides, it has a fresh foam midsole that provides the ultra-plush support to help you cope with the ever changing weather situations and conditions. The upper of these unisex shoes has been made with a breathable air mesh with a bootie construction for comfort. Additionally, this  running shoe offers two different rubber compounds to offer an unmatched system of support. The best thing about the shoes is they are lightweight weighing only 10.6 ounces. You can get them in various colors to suit your style.

New Balance Vazee Pride Running Shoes:



The New Balance Vazee pride pack is a lightweight trainer that keeps you on track during running with excellent cushioning to get the job done. It features an open mesh that keeps your feet fresh and dry. The shoe is made to prevent skin irritation as it has no-sew construction. It has the Obique Toe Box design which offers enough space for people with slightly wider feet at the front. It uses the RevLite cushioning system that is lightweight yet responsive. The outsole is made of blown rubber which is not only durable but offers unmatched traction also. The best thing about this shoe is that it’s one of the most lightweight shoes you can get during this fall running season. The new balance running shoes come in a patriotic color scheme to add a stylish flash to your fall run.


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