Cross Training – Changing up exercise routines

Change isn’t good or bad—it’s just different. That goes for your workouts, too. In exercise speak, changing up your exercise is also known as muscle confusion or cross training. But really
what it is? Just change—focusing on different exercises, activities, reps, or rest times. By doing this, your muscles have to keep responding and growing—and changing. That changing helps you move past plateaus and move through the chance of injury. What it’s most concerned about is balance—because if you do one thing over and over, your body and your muscles get complacent and you limit their growth. Cross training or muscle confusion is easy to do—and you should give it a try. The change is good, and this graphic can help. Click the link to see Running Shoes that will help you meet your cross-training goals.

Original infographic sourced from: Woodside Health and Tennis Club

Cross Training: Why it is a Good Idea to Change Things up