Badminton Sale – Victor Badminton 20th Anniversary


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Badminton Sale – Celebrate Victor’s 20th Anniversary

To celebrate its 20th year in the USA, Victor Badminton has announced their largest sale ever to celebrate this momentous occasion. The sale includes shoes, racquets and bags. Here is a sample of some of their offerings:

Victor SH-P9100 D Red Badminton Shoes


Victor SH-P9100 D Badminton Shoes

The Victor SH-P9100D Badminton shoes are tailored to meet the needs of every badminton enthusiast. The fit is slightly wide fitting and uses new technology to increase flexibility.


Victor Jetspeed S 9 Badminton Racquet


Victor Jetspeed S9 Badminton Racquet

The Victor Jetspeed S 9 Badminton Racquet is used by the Chinese professional player Hsieh Pei Chen. The racquet is new for 2015 and includes Pyrofil shock absorption technology by Mitsubishi.


Victor SHA-610G Badminton Shoes


Victor SHA-610G


The Victor SHA-610G Badminton Shoes feature a a 22% increase in rebound ability using the latest Energy Max 3.0 technology. More grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements due to the “Radiation” patterned sole.


Victor BR9302F Blue/White Badminton Bag




The Victor BR9302F Blue/White Badminton Bag features double backpack style shoulder straps to better distribute the weight of your Badminton gear. A wet compartments allow for easy de-contamination and separation of used and fresh clothing. A true tour style Bag that can handle the needs of a player during a single match or a weekend tournament. Includes compartments for shoes, clothing, and a multi-purpose compartment.



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