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Adidas to Pursue ‘New Breed’ of Fully Recyclable Sportswear – Money Talks News (blog)

If the company's Sports Infinity research bears fruit, your next pair of soccer cleats could be made of materials recycled from a spectrum of industries.

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This looks like a really cool idea, if adidas can pull it off. It sounds like its still in the beginning stages but its a step in the right direction. In my opinion, any attempt to recycle is welcome. As this experiment takes off, it will be interesting to see what the material is like and how the athletic shoes will look when formed from one product line to the next.

USA Track and Field boosts athlete funding by $9 million | OlympicTalk

Bonuses include $25,000 for a World Championships or Olympic gold medal.

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This should help the track and field athletes that are not at the very top of the sport yet be able to make a better living and provide for better training ,coaching and equipment . Professional tennis is trying to do something similar, by increasing the amount of prize money in earlier rounds to give lower ranked players the chance to earn more money which will be spent for coaching, travel and other needs of professional players. 

On another note, this picture is so wonderful!! How can you not love seeing members of the U.S Track team in a Charlie's Angel's pose with fancy and stylish track & field cleats?!

Muhammad Ali’s boxing shoes – The National

  • September 25, 2015

These shoes belonging to the boxing great recently sold at auction for Dh437,000. Here’s what makes them extra special.

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These shoes were worn by the greatest boxer that ever lived during the best fight in boxing history. The shoes are in great shape to be 40 years old but look uncomfortable by today's standards. Modern boxing shoes have features to help increase a boxer's performance. Click here to take a look at features found in modern day boxing shoes.

Infographic: Sneakers by the numbers in America – PBS NewsHour (blog)

  • September 21, 2015

Not only have sneakers become engrained in U.S. popular culture, seemingly since Run DMC's "An Ode to the Adidas Superstar", but sales of the popular footwear are big business, to the tune of around $34 billion dollars a year in the U.S.

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Nice info graphic on the Sneaker Culture, its history and statistics on where they are imported from. We know New Balance still manufactures some of its sneakers in the U.S. I wonder what would it take for more manufactures to increase onshore manufacturing.