adidas FitSmart Fitness Tracker – Track Your Athletic Performance


Fitness Trackers have slowly made the way from novelty items that are cool to full flegded virtual training partners. And yes, the cool factor is still there! Do you like to make sure you are getting the most out of your athletic activity? Do you wonder how your body is responding while on the court, the field or the road? Check out the adidas FitSmart. Designed for running, training and fitness, the adidas FitSmart measures heart rate response to physical activity and then guides you on how to train at the right intensity for the best results. Intended for those seeking meaningful guidance and feedback, adidas FitSmart works with an all-new mobile app experience aimed at helping people set and reach weekly goals, as well as commit to longer term training plans.

adidas FitSmart Features:

Provides at-a-glance visual guidance on your current workout intensity presented in color zones.
Vibration and visual prompts provide feedback and coaching so you can make the most out of every workout.
Set weekly goals to keep track of your progress and motivate you to get better.
Stores up to 10 hours of workout data.
Syncs with the miCoach platform, using Bluetooth Smart, via the miCoach Train and Run app on the user’s mobile phone.
Customize wristband settings and access hundreds of free training plans.
Built-in accelerometer measures stride rate, pace, speed and distance for walking, jogging and running.
You’ve always known that your best self was there. Now you have the tools to go find it—adidas FitSmart.

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