adidas D Rose 6 Boost and Reebok Pump Rise Basketball Shoes


adidas D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Running White Ftw

The adidas D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoes made their debut on October 15, 2015. They are available in Running White and can also be customized via the website. The adidas D Rose 6 Boost features full length Boost cushioning in the sole for long lasting comfort. Other features include the famous D Rose signature Rose logo prominently, and a heel support strap system to lock down your ankle for quick court movements.


The Men’s Reebok Pump Rise Basketball shoes feature the newest Pump technology for a custom fit while on the basketball court. The air filled cage molds to the shape of your foot for a custom fit. Other features include a fusion sleeve which provide a lightweight and irritation free fit, and an internal bootie to give even more support. The Reebok Pump Rise are available in 2 colors and can be purchased at Click the picture for the purchase link.

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