About Us33

Our Purpose

Fast footwork is vital to hitting that crosscourt backhand in tennis or delivering the knockout punch in boxing. The soul of an athlete drives the sole of an athlete. It is vital for the soles of athletes to be supported by proper athletic shoes and accessories for their sport.

Sole of Athletes is a shoe blog and virtual athletic shoe mall. We discuss footwear for obscure sports which are often hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores. When the owner, James, was looking for shoes to improve his tennis game,  he visited several local sports stores he struggled to find information and adequate product selections, coming up “empty footed.” He decided to start writing about obscure sports shoes and pull together retailers who carry these shoes in one place for easy searching. Thus, Sole of Athletes was born.

We recognize that athletes, who are serious about their game, should have access to optimal and appropriate sporting equipment. Dedicated players deserve athletic shoes designed specifically for their sport. Just as a great basketball coach would never suggest that players buy simple running shoes, neither would we recommend that badminton players or fencing aficionados settle for the general footwear that may be found in local stores.  We act as a virtual athletic shoe mall. If we do not stock the item, we will link customers to an appropriate retailers website who sells the item. Special deals and coupons will also be offered to customers to enhance the shopping experience.