Best Soccer cleats for Wide Feet

In any other sport, deciding the most suitable footwear might be a quick and easy process, just like picking out any other shoe. When it comes to soccer cleats, impulse buying will not work. Buying any cleats without good research is something that you should probably avoid. If your feet have different attributes than any other average player, you must conduct thorough research on what are the best soccer cleats for wide feet before buying to avoid regrets.

Nowadays, you can easily find a good fit for your feet because different brands make cleats for special purposes and distinct feet variations. Are you looking for the most suitable soccer cleats for large feet? Read on.

Soccer cleats for Wide Feet
Soccer is one of the most demanding games, especially on the player’s feet and shoes. This does not mean that other sports do not require special shoes, but soccer cleats have a level of expectations and standards that need to be attained to be useful. If you have larger feet than average, the regular or average soccer cleats will probably not work for you. Your feet will never quite feel right in them, not allowing you the freedom to play and move at your absolute best. The ideal soccer cleats for wide feet are the ones specially made for larger feet, with more width or enough elasticity in specific places.

Nike Tiempo-Legend Academy

This Nike Tiempo Elite Firm Ground Cleat for soccer features a lightweight Fly-knit and a premium kangaroo-leather for perfect flexibility and a dominating maneuver of fields with short grass. The NIKE GRIP tech reduces the chances of your feet sliding inside the cleat. A Fly-knit heel and tongue offer a double skin fit for good support and stretch, which are very crucial in soccer. The supple and soft leather strips on the upper help to add feel for the ball. The cleat also has a Fit-mesh lining to preserve the cleat’s fitting so that the shoe does not stretch even as the cleat ages. A  well-compressed nylon-plate coated in the Pebax layer to add to the cleat’s stability while balancing the weight. The sturdy and lightweight cables wrap the mid-foot and complement the locked down feeling on the laces for more effective sprints.

adidas Copa-Mundial Soccer Cleats

Because the top material on this cleat is pure leather, it is one of the best picks for players with larger feet. It features a double-density outer sole for more comfort. The best part of it is that this pair of cleats feature unbeatable durability to boost the player’s performance on the field. Thanks to the Die-cut EVA inner sole, it is super lightweight, which makes it a perfect choice for our grounds. Take note of the wide and roomy toe box. This will help in the feel of comfort for wide feet.  It features a classic Adidas stylish design so that it looks like the work of art it is.

adidas Copa Glorio 20.2

The Adidas Gloro is among the classic collection of Adidas’ kangaroo leather soccer cleats. It is classicily designed with the modern soccer player in mind. It is designed with a K-Leather top, which suitably caters to players with larger feet, although they have much less stitching than the classic Copa Mundial. This is a much-improved design, especially on the outer sole, for superior shock absorption, better comfort, and fantastic stability on stiff fields. And despite all these advantages and great features, these remain one of the most reasonably priced cleats.

Nike Premier II FG Soccer Cleats

Being among Nike’s signature boots, this Nike Premier set of cleats will never disappoint when it comes to delivering durability and comfort, a requirement in every player’s performance. It is designed using leather uppers for a sufficient and comfortable foot cover and the foot’s perfect flex for the best performance in various pitches. It is accessorized with a lightweight TPU outer sole and a sole, inner board for a smooth transition. The Nike Premier is the perfect choice for large feet since it is made out of a material that can mold into big feet precisely. It is available at a fair price, considering the quality and performance it provides.

Nike Magista Series Soccer Cleats


Let us drop the upper leather models for a while and look at the Nike Magista series. These include the Magistra Obra, Magistra Orden Magistra Onda and Magistra Opus . These cleats offer excellent elasticity, thanks to the FlyKnit uppers, which give a sock-like stretch feature to the player. It will mold smoothly into any foot, making it one of the best picks for large feet.

adidas Ace Pure-Control with PRIMEMESH

With the Prime-Mesh top, Adidas Ace Pure-Control perfectly wraps around the foot. This technology has seen it become one of the best picks for people with large feet. It features an ultra-thin layer that prevents moisture and particles from getting into the foot, making it a perfect choice for pitches that have dirt. For a precise ball control, the cleat has been enhanced with good stability, and it has not disappointed any player.

Nike Tiempo Legend Soccer Cleats

The Nike Tiempo-Genio is the perfect choice for beginner players. With the leather upper, which is a necessary feature for large footed players, this is a classic choice for elite and beginner players. It is designed to be ideally light so that the player can easily maneuver through the pitch in it. Despite the Tiempo Genio being a basic cleat, its durability makes it an ideal pick for any field. For people who are training for soccer or are looking to improve their skills, this is a recommendable choice.

Puma King Soccer Cleats

This Puma King featuring a leather upper top and a synthetic back, claims to be the best from the world of wide toe box soccer cleats collection. Puma has managed to come up with a waterproof and lightweight cleat with a good fitting for any foot size. It provides the rightful extent of stretch with a convenient lacing system, which all combines to create enough room for any foot size. It provides top-notch performance and unbeatable ball control, thanks to the lightweight and thin materials used to create it. This cleat is flexible for an improved ankle support system.

Mizuno Morelia Soccer Cleats

With the K-leather top design, Mizuno Morelia has also earned a spot as one of the best cleats for large footed players. The K-leather top, which has been made conveniently thin, gives the player a greater amount of feel. Mizuno Morelia is designed with a flexible soleplate that can adapt to the playing style of the wearer. It is made with a comfortable design that gives the t player control over the ball.

Puma Powercat Soccer Cleats 



Being among Puma’s signature boots, this PUMA POWERCAT set of cleats will never disappoint when it comes to delivering durability and comfort, a requirement in every player’s performance. It is designed using leather uppers for a sufficient and comfortable foot cover and the foot’s perfect flex for the best performance in various pitches. It is accessorized with a lightweight TPU outer sole and a sole, inner board for a smooth transition.

Today, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of soccer cleats available in the market. Player’s preferences keep changing with time, and the cleat industry will always adapt to these changes. When buying soccer cleats, keep the width of your foot in mind when making your choice. Whichever soccer cleat you go for, make sure it is the most comfortable and suitable for your playing conditions. You might be forced to select from many different models before you find your perfect pair (shopping with retailers that have generous return policies help in this regard). This is the only way you are guaranteed to find a cleat whose technology and design will help you bring out your best game.

Whether you are a pro or just starting in soccer, soccer cleat will always be an essential part of any level of soccer playing. Your feet experiences rigorous movements with soccer. This sport requires intense training which emphasized the importance of having the best gear.
Getting the best gear will give you a chance to produces the best results possible. This is why you should always insist on having the most comfortable footwear, even for practice, since this will also affect you in the way you play at the end of the day. As we have seen in the cleats above, different brands have different variations that cater to several needs and player styles. So when the time comes to shop for new cleats, don’t treat it the same way as when you are buying any other shoe. Choose a durable cleat, offers comfort, and which you can see long term use in it, especially if you have a larger than average foot.