Athletic Shoes and Grips

Athletic Shoes and Grips: What You Need to Know

Many people know a lot about the different features of a shoe, but not everyone is aware of the grip variations that a shoe can have. There are a few things about athletic shoes and grips that you need to know when you’re buying new shoes.

What is Grip?

The grip of a shoe refers to the sole’s outer surface that makes contact with the ground. A shoe without any grip is going to slide around a lot. This could result in injuries or falls. When you have a good grip on the bottom sole of a shoe, you’ll be able to run and jump without your shoe sliding out from underneath you. This is perfect for a situation where you’re playing on an indoor basketball court or another surface that is pretty slick.

How to Test the Grip of a Shoe

When you try on a shoe for the first time, you can usually figure out if it fits right away. In order to check the grip of a shoe, you’ll want to turn it over and look at the bottom side. A shinier bottom usually means you have a very durable grip. Conversely, a very smooth and dull-looking surface doesn’t typically indicate a good grip. You may also check to see that the bottom is textured a bit, which helps with grip. 

Grip Over Time

When you purchase a shoe with the grip in mind, you have to think about how that grip is going to wear down over time. If you have a shoe with a grip coming strictly from a textured surface, this texture can wear off pretty quickly. You want to look for a grip that is made from a non-slip material. The whole sole should be made that way. Even if the shoe begins to wear down, it will still be safe for you to wear. However, you should keep an eye on the tread and replace the shoes when the tread is worn down to make sure you can stay safe.

Why Athletic Shoes Matter

A properly fitted shoe is what you want to strive for regardless of what activity you’ll be doing. It’s never safe to have a shoe that is too big or too small. A shoe that is too large could slip off your foot, even if your shoe is tied very tightly. Something too small will cause a lot of rubbing. This usually ends up creating blisters on your feet. Poorly fitting shoes with little to no grip can also contribute to missteps, slips, and falls, which can cause head injuries. Concussions are serious in sports, and preventing them should be your number one focus.

If you need assistance with finding an athletic shoe that is slip resistant, you should stop by a store that is knowledgeable about this kind of information. If you’re shopping online, you can specifically look for information or reviews regarding the overall grip of the sole.