Turn Old Shoes Into Flower Pots

New Shoes? Here’s What to Do with the Old Ones

As consumers become more concerned with preserving the environment, there has been a growing emphasis on the disposing of shoes in ways that protect the world and its inhabitants. It is not uncommon for athletes to become particularly attached to their shoes, making it difficult to imagine them simply sitting in a dump or a landfill. Here are three ways to dispose of your old shoes while feeling good about your efforts:


Lightly-used athletic shoes are in high demand for many donation organizations. In addition to local donation centers such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army, there are other national programs designed to facilitate the process of shoe donation. Groups such as Soles4Souls, One World Running, and Zappos for Good make it easy for you to clean out your closets and give your shoes up for the greater good of society. As a bonus, you can usually claim a tax deduction for any shoes that you donate to nonprofit, charitable organizations.


Earth is facing a biodiversity crisis that is almost completely a result of human activity, more specifically human destruction and pollution of animal habitats. One of the most significant steps that you can take to combat this crisis is to recycle as many things as possible. Old shoes can be broken down into various materials and then used to make a variety of useful sports surfaces such as tracks, playgrounds, and basketball courts. Elements of the shoes that can be recycled include the rubber, leather, and foam. A simple internet search will provide a list of locations near you that accept shoes to be recycled.


The art of repurposing is one of the biggest trends of the last few years. With a little creativity, shoes can also be repurposed and turned into practical and stylish new incarnations. Shoes can be transformed into a variety of things such as garden planters or restyled into costume accessories. For example, spray painting your old running shoes gold will give them new life for your next costume party. The possibilities are endless if you can just think outside of the box and see your shoes in a new light.

Your old shoes do not have to be destined to be relics of your past. You can do the environment and the community a great favor by exploring ways in which you can reuse, recycle, and repurpose your old shoes.



After refurbishing old shoes, you will probably want some new ones to continue playing the sport of your choice. Click here for an elaborate guide to finding the perfect sports shoes.