4 Sneaker Brands

4 Sneaker Brands For Men Who Like To Treat Themselves

Everyone deserves a treat now and then, and men are no exception. If you are the stylish type and into the latest trends, consider treating yourself to a nice pair of sneakers. While some nicer sneaker brands may seem obvious, there are plenty of high quality and fashionable companies that fly under the radar. Here are four brands to treat yourself to and up your style game.


Brandblack Sneakers

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Brand Black is newer on the scene but does not lack in style or affordability. The creator, David Raysse, has been designing shoes since the 90’s for many favorite brands like Fila and Skechers. The shoes come in a variety of styles including casual, sock sneakers, knit sneakers, and slides. Aside from being easily accessible (the shoes are sold in many stores from Nordstrom to Amazon), they are known to be very comfortable.


While Nike is not low-key or under the radar, no shoe list would be complete without them. It’s the perfect brand for both style and comfort without ruining your budget. Not only is Nike instantly recognizable, but the quality of the shoes leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on your taste you can buy some of the newer styles like the Air Max “Just Do It”s” or go retro with a pair of classic Jordan’s.



Y3 Kusari II Sneaker

Y3 is a lesser known, but very high-end Adidas collaboration. Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto joined with Adidas (the Y represents his name and the 3 represents the Adidas stripes) to create this luxury apparel and sneaker line with highly unique designs. The shoes can be found online at Nordstrom, their style will definitely turn heads. If you want a couple of their newest shoes, check out the fall/winter “Nice To Meet You” collection.


C-PQ Sneakers

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These sneakers don’t lean as heavily on the athletic side as some of the other shoes on this list, but they are loaded with style. There is no quality spared with this brand. The shoes are handmade with suede and calf leather, the cotton laces are wax coated, and the shoes even come with a custom tote bag. If you want to treat yourself to Swedish luxury, these shoes are the way to go.


Sneakers are having a huge moment in fashion right now. If you want to treat yourself, you can’t go wrong with new shoes that fit your style. For basketball, tennis, and other sport specific shoes, check out our blog!