K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Review

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe Review


My pair of bright orange K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis shoes has served me well over the past 7 months. If you have read some of my other tennis shoe reviews, you’ll notice that I usually keep shoes for 6 months before buying a new pair. Sole wear usually dictates replacement sooner than later, but these shoes were so well constructed I was able to keep playing with them just a little bit longer.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis Shoes Review:

My new pair of K-Swiss tennis shoes replaced a pair of Prince T22 Tennis shoes which I was also satisfied with. I could have easily replaced the T22 with another pair of T22’s, in another color for a different look and lived the next 6 months with my feet comfortable and ready to chase down tennis balls, but I decided to see what else the market offered. The Hypercourt’s come in plenty of choices, but I decided to push the envelope and choose the orange colorway, which I dubbed “orangesicle”. The one thing I noticed when taking them out of the box was how the color seemed to slightly change from a different angle. That was an additional unexpected bonus. The T22 was more of a mid-height shoe but I did not miss the change. When I first tried on the Hypercourts, the first thing that came to mind is how comfortable they are. Every pair of K-Swiss tennis shoes I ‘ve had have felt this way. For a long time, K-swiss Ultrascendor was the only tennis shoes I’d buy because they always felt comfortable right out of the box. The cushioning of the shoe felt perfect along with the other elements.


The shoe had just the right amount of flex to make your foot feel like it was perfectly joined with the shoe. The width of the shoe also felt wonderful. As an overpronator, I always appreciate a little extra room in the toe box and roomy uppers. If I had a complaint here it would be that the shoes felt a little too roomy. So roomy in fact that I considered returning them for a slightly smaller size. I usually wear a size 12 and thought about exchanging for an 11.5. That probably would have been a safe exchange and provided just enough snugness to eliminate any worries I may have had.  The weight of the shoe was perfect, and lacing options were appropriate to keep the snug fit desired in tennis shoes. The Hypercourt even came with 2 pairs of shoestrings, Orange and White. I customized the look of my shoe by using a pair of each for a cool look. Traction on these shoes was also top notch, I never felt that I didn’t have enough traction on the court. The outsole features DragGuard technology which helps to prevent immature wear in the higher wear areas of the shoe such as the toe and heel.. The tread pattern seemed to stay intact longer than I have experienced in other shoes.  The outsole also features K-Swiss Aosta 7.0 Rubber Shoe Technology, which aids in the longevity of the outsole material. As a matter of fact, I am sure this technology is what allowed me to keep these shoes longer than I usually do. Are you a toe dragger? if so a thoughtful feature includes Durawrap. This is a portion of the outsole that is raised a little higher on the front tip of the upper to provide a more durable surface to protect the shoe against toe dragging. Even if you aren’t a toe dragger, there are additional features that all tennis players can appreciate. The Stay-Tied lace feature provides a hook to keep your laces tied even during a series of long points. Now, you won’t’ have to re-tie your shoe as often, unless you are doing it to take a quick break between points. I will definitely look forward to having another pair of these to wear on the court again. I would highly suggest taking a serious look the Hypercourt if comfort, good looks, and long-lasting construction is at the top of your list for choosing a tennis shoe.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis shoe Product Specifications:

Weight  –  14 oz
Technology –  StayTied Laces, Aosta 7.0, DragGuard, Durawrap, Guideglide

K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis Shoes Pros & Cons:

Color/Design – These shoes just plain look good. My choices were the Orange and white combo. Not only is this color choice eye-catching, but depending on the lighting, the shoes offered up a slightly different orange hue. All of the available colors look good, which made it hard to choose. That is a good problem to have!
Price – The price was reasonable. For the good looks and features found in the Hypercourt, the price made these shoes a great value proposition. K-Swiss is known for quality shoes and these shoes didn’t disappoint at their price point.
Support – The support was adequate but I felt could have been better for overpronators. The overall support did not disappoint while playing matches.
Ventilation – The upper of the shoe is made of a soft mesh material which is covered with Molded Polyurethane. The mesh helped keep the shoe comfortable, especially in the toe box. This made me happy because the toe box is usually where I have a problem with inadequate ventilation. The Hypercourt Express handled the temperatures perfectly.
Weight – I felt that the weight was perfect. I am sure that the mesh materials used throughout the upper had a lot to do with this.


I felt that the shoes ran about 1/2 size too large. The extra room seemed to give a feeling of less support as the shoes started to wear.


I would recommend these shoes. Their style, fit, comfort and support are top notch and the shoes themselves provide an excellent value