Victor S80ACE Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes for 2018

Badminton shoes are a necessity while playing the game. The special court surface that badminton is played on requires shoes that are specially made for it. Every second and every movement counts in this game and the last thing you’d want is to be let down by your shoe traction. Also, making sure your shoes are as comfortable as possible will allow you to stay in those long points and matches by reducing fatigue. We have written about the Best Badminton shoes before, click the link to see our previous articles and buying guides. Some of the shoes in the previous articles are still available and can provide an incredible bargain since they have been on the market for a while. If you are looking for the newest badminton shoes, keep reading. The new badminton shoes for 2018 contain several features to increase comfort, increase traction and reduce fatigue.  We will discuss the newest badminton shoe features, how they help your game and the newest models on the market.

What should you look for in Badminton shoes?

Know Yourself: are you a back court or baseline player? Do you prefer to take control from here? If so a shoe that provides increased support and stability will help you manage this court position by providing support for quick direction changes. Make sure to chose a badminton shoe that provides the features that enhance your style of play.

Know The Sport: Badminton is played on a variety of surfaces. Both wood and synthetic surfaces require shoes with gum rubber soles. Once you know the requirements for the sport you play, choosing new badminton shoes should be a little easier.

Know your needs: Deciding on the features that help your feet feel their best while playing your sport helps your performance on the court. Do your feet require wider shoes? more cushioning? additional support in the mid sole? Keep all of these items in mind while shopping to make your best shoe choice.

What Features to look for in Badminton shoes:

Cushioning: Good cushioning is required to protect your feet during the dynamic and intense movements required during a badminton match. Cushioning not only helps in performance but also helps protect the foot from injuries and fatigue.

Support: Badminton requires a lot of intense movement, both front to back and side to side. Shoes that have support to enhance these movements will help to enhance your game.

Temperature control: Intense badminton matches require constant movement which no doubt raises your body temperature including your feet. Having shoes that control the ventilation in your feet gives you comfort and allows your mind to concentrate on the court instead of worrying about two hot feet.

Traction: Wood or synthetic flooring, where badminton matches are played don’t offer much in the way of natural traction. Gum rubber soles are the proper materials to wear on the court, but different badminton shoe models offer a variety of traction features that are slightly different from each other. Traction patterns on the sole vary and can provide increased traction while moving in different directions. A good way to determine how traction will perform is by taking a look at the out sole patterns. Herringbone patterns provide maximum grip to prevent slippage. Hexagon patterns allow for the best of all movements, ease of movement when moving side to side and traction when stopping quickly. Most Badminton shoe soles have either hexagon patterns or a mix of hexagon and herringbone outsole patterns.

New Badminton Shoe Technology for 2018Victor A920ACE Badminton Shoe Sole

Yonex and Victor are the largest and most popular badminton shoes in the world. For 2018, both companies have created new or updated technology for features in badminton shoes that aid in movement and comfort.

Yonex Badminton Shoe Technology:

Power Cushion + : Power Cushion + takes the original Power Cushion and adds additional elastic resin. This newly combined compound maintains the original lightweight properties, along with high shock absorption. The lattice pattern provides more durability. These changes provide an increase of 25% for shock absorption and 12% more repulsion.

Toughbrid Lite: ToughBrid Light is the newest version of Toughbrid. It retains the same performance as the previous version, but is yet is 11% lighter, which helps to generate a reduction in leg and knee stress.

Power Graphite: Newest version of Graphite plate to increase stability and reduce weight

TPU Support: Provides support in the midfoot to help strengthen during lateral movements

Hexagrip: Improved shoe sole which provides grip and direction while being lighter.

Innerbootie: A new design feature for Yonex badminton shoes where the shoe opening and tongue are connected to provide a more snug fit.

Flexion upper: The Flexion upper provides a snug fit around the inner arch of the foot

Toe Assist Shape: This design provides increased room in the toe area, which helps to relieve pressure on the big toe, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot for a stable fit. The design also provides for less power loss, allowing for quicker footwork.

Round Sole: The Round Sole provides an increase in energy transfer for quick foot movements.

Lightweight Durable Skin: This outer skin of the shoe is made of mesh and polyurethane film which reduces the weight in the shoe, providing better ventilation without sacrificing the durability of the upper

Synthetic mesh vents: Vents are placed in the toe box and used to increase foot ventilation.

Synchro-Fit Insole: Provides a more secure fit between your foot and the shoe by slightly elevating the heel section of the insole. This helps to increase comfort and performance.

HypermsLyte: A lighter version of Yonex’s high-performance midsole which provides more durability and support in a lighter package.

Full Cushion Sole+s: Provides power cushion through the whole sole. The increased cushioning provides reduced stress off your feet and ankles

VictorBadminton Shoe Technology:

Carbon Power: A carbon fiber sheet which provides more stability in the midsole to reduce twisting forces the arch of your foot.

EnergyMax 3.0: An elastic cushioning material found between the inner an outer sole that provides 22% increase in rebound ability and 6% increase in shock absorbency. This technology provides more energy transfer for jumping and more shock absorption.

Light Resilient EVA: A Newly redesigned midsole that helps to relieve your muscles of fatigue during intense movements. This technology also provides for an increase in the overall lifespan and durability of the shoe and a 19% decrease in weight.

V-Durable: This technology, found in the toe-box provides wear resistant material to keep the shoe’s integrity in place.

V-Brake: The combination V-shape and square design provide a traction point for increased grip during vertical and lateral movement.

Breathing: A mesh layer found on the side of the upper to increase ventilation, helping your feet stay cool during long rallies and intense matches.

V-Shape Toe: Does your foot require a little more room in the toe-box for comfort?This technology addresses this for you, providing a slightly wider fit in the toe area.

VSR Anti-Slip: An upgrade of the outsole provides 21% more slip resistance to increase your traction on the court.

Yonex Badminton Shoe Models for 2018

Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z

Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z Badminton Shoes


The Power Cushion Comfort Z provide Power Cushion material between the sole and the upper, and the newer version of Power Cushion + in the heel of the shoe. Mesh in both the toe box and sides of the upper provide excellent ventilation. The Comfort Z are available for both Men & Women.

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z

Yonex Power Cushion 65Z Badminton Shoes


The Power Cushion 65 Z series of Badminton shoes provides a foundation for excellent footwork. Compared to the regular Power Cushion material found in other Yonex Badminton shoes, the Power Cushion 65 Z has an enhanced version of this material that provides a 25% increase in shock absorption and a 12% increase in repulsion all without increasing weight. Badminton footwork is further enhanced by providing a lateral shell in the heel of the shoe which helps power loss during lateral movements. Most of the upper are created with one-piece construction to provide an all in one feel and reducing the stress on your foot.
Yonex Aerus 2 

Yonex Aerus 2 Womens Badminton Shoes


This newly updated model for 2018 builds on the previous model Aerus by becoming more lightweight and breathable. Additional mesh built into the upper provide more airflow for a cool foot. The shock absorbition is 1.3 times greater than the previous model. There is also 3 times more repulsion energy, which allows for less energy loss during power transfer to your next court move. The Aerus 2 is available in models for both men and women.

Yonex Power Cushion 47 

Yonex Power Cushion 47 Badminton Shoes


The Yonex Power Cushion 47 indoor court shoes are the updated 2018 version of the very popular SHB SC4 MX. The updated model continues to provide exceptional protection and all-around comfort on badminton courts and all indoor court surfaces. The Power Cushion midsole absorbs impact and returns impact energy back to your feet while jumping and moving laterally, all while providing a comfortable fit. The Ergoshape toe box provides more room to provide extra comfort in the toe area of the shoe. The outsole is 20% lighter and provides 3% more grip compared to the previous model.

Victor Badminton Shoe Models for 2018

Victor SH-A920

Victor SH-A920 Badminton Shoes


Victor’s SH-A920 badminton shoes are a star in their own right, including having a star on their upper. The color and style has been updated for 2018. Available in neon yellow/indigo blue or blue/coral. The updated features in these badminton shoes are LS-S, which is made of high-strength TPU. This allows for increased lateral stability during rapid foot movements and direction changes. A carbon fiber sheet found in the sole provides stability and reduces foot arch strain. The mid sole helps increase the lifespan of the shoes and increases flexibility.

Victor S80 

Victor S80ACE Badminton Shoes



The Victor S80ACE  Badminton shoes feature a toebox for a more slender foot. This provides a closer and more snug fit to increase performance. The design of the shoe provides a slightly lower profile for greater court feel. You will love these shoes because they are made for speed, such an important element in badminton footwork. For more information on the design of the S80 badminton shoes, check out Victor’s S80 Badminton Shoe Page.

Victor P9300

Victor SH-P9300 Badminton Shoes


Victor’s P9300 Badminton shoes are part of their professional line which offers the best in shock absorption, stability, and comfort. The midsole is thicker to increase shock absorption by 13%. To make the shoe last longer, and reduce wear in one of the areas that get it the most, the P9300 uses a different toe material that is 16 times greater than in other Victor models. This material also contains extra ventilation holes to allow your feet extra ventilation. The rubber outlay provides for an eye-catching two-tone look.

Babolat Badminton Shoe Models for 2018

Babolat 2018 Shadow Spirit

Babolat Shadow Spirit Badminton Shoes


The Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit Indoor Shoe offers Active Sculpture technology, developed in collaboration with Michelin, which provides great court traction and excellent shock absorption. When your matches call for explosive movements or sudden stops, the active sculpture technology will adapt to the playing style, responding to every movement found in Badminton. The Kompressor System is a shock absorption system designed with Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) tubes. These tubes compress with each step to reduce the impact on your feet and then spring back into their original shape as pressure is released. The advantage of this system is to minimize the pounding on your joints and provides rebound energy for forward steps. The Multi-layer Ergo-Motion insole helps to provide even pressure throughout the whole shoe. Additional features of the mid sole include TI-Fit which helps with ease of movement by helping the foot bend effortlessly.  The specialized Foot Belt allows for extra support around the instep, creating superior stability and a custom fit.

Kawasaki Badminton Shoe Models for 2018

Kawasaki K-061 ZhuiFeng Series

Kawasaki K061 Badminton Shoes


The Kawasaki K-061 features an elastic EVA midsole which provides a damping effect from shock. the upper provides a special area in the toe box for breathable mesh for better temperature control. This model also contains stronger construction in the arch area which helps to control twisting motions during play. Sizes are available from 35-45 (EUR) and are true to size. For extra wide feet, ordering the next size up is suggested. Customers who wear these shoes have rated them 4.8 out of 5 stars, citing comfort and value as the most popular attributes of these shoes.

Mizuno Badminton Shoe Models for 2018

Mizuno Wave Fang SS2

Mizuno Wave Fang SS2 Badminton Shoes


The Wave Fang SS2 offer enhanced fitting and comfort with an upper that’s made of microfiber synthetic leather. Mizuno’s famous wave technology provides maximum control and shock absorption There are many colors offered to fit your style. In addition, this shoe provides increased comfort because of increased ventilation. The out sole of the shoe provides different sole patterns to provide grip no matter what kind of movement you are making on the court.


There are many models of Badminton shoes on the market from many different manufacturers. Badminton shoes continue to become more infused with technology to increase your comfort and performance. Use our “What should you look for in Badminton Shoes” section to figure out what’s important to you in a shoe, then check the ” New Badminton Shoe Technology for 2018″ for the shoe technologies that match what you are looking for, choose shoes from the list provided, lace them up and play your game!