Tips to Keep Your Cleats Clean

Tips to Keep Your Cleats Clean

Your athletic cleats get put to the ultimate test each and every time you put them on. Whether you are running the bases on the baseball diamond, hurdling tacklers on the football field, or trekking over 18 holes at the golf course, your athletic footwear gets dirtied, beaten, and take a mighty amount of sweat from your feet through your day. If you wonder how to clean your baseball cleats, soccer cleats or football cleats keep reading, because at the end of the day, to help restore the shoes back to wearing and performing condition, we have some great tips available to your cleats clean for your next big game or match.

Outside of The Shoe

The outside of your cleats take a beating from the work you put them through, and at the conclusion of your game or round, are often caked in dirt or grass. The first tip to help maintain a clean look is to get as much dirt and debris off immediately after use by banging them together. A boot scraper can also be used to clear the caked in dirt or grass on your cleats. Original boot scrapers were made of metal to stand up to work boots, but since so may cleats are made of much softer materials a boot scraper made of brushes will do the job. A perfect example of a new age boot scraper is the Original Rhino Bilt All-in-One Scrubber. Cleaning by using any one of these methods prevents any dirt and grass from hardening on, and what little does, will be easier to take off using both methods. 

Once you arrive home, the sole of the shoe around the cleats can be cleaned by first soaking the shoe in warm water with dish soap to let the dirt break up and dissolve. Then, after soaking, you can use a brush to clean off any dirt you can from the cleats. A simple toothbrush can be used, or for easier and more thorough cleaning, a proper shoe brush should be used. After scrubbing, a quick rinse back in the warm water bath will have the cleats looking as good as new again.

As you’ve played hard, the upper part of the exterior of the shoe was likely to gather dirt and grass stains as well. To effectively clean this part of the shoe, removing the laces and either soak them or throw them into the washing machine. Tying them in a knot before machine washing them will help keep them together. To clean the other parts of the shoe you can use dish soap and water, or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clear off tough dirt and scuff marks.  

Inside of The Shoe

After soaking and cleaning the exterior, the interior of the shoe should be scrubbed well to disinfect. From there, the next best tip is to stuff the inside with towels or newspaper to soak up as much water as possible and then allow the shoes to air-dry in the fresh air. After drying, your cleats may still hold a little odor. At this point, add something to help them smell better like a few drops of concentrated essential oils. These keep shoes smelling fresh and won’t wear off after just one use.

 With a little care immediately after use and once you get home, your athletic cleats can stay in tip-top condition. Keeping them clean and maintained will ensure their use for a long time and keep you looking great on the field as well.