Footjoy Countor Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes

Footjoy Extra Wide Golf Shoes

There are several models of Footjoy golf shoes that come in extra wide widths. If you have the need for extra wide golf shoes, check out the 3 Footjoy models we discuss that range in style from traditional to athletic.

FootJoy D.N.A. Helix Golf Shoes

Recently, Footjoy announced the next installment of its popular DNA franchise. The 2017 FootJoy D.N.A. Helix Golf Shoe is an improvement over the previous two generations; the original model and the D.N.A 2.0. The Helix has been developed from the ground according to FootJoy, as a result of tour player feedback. Footjoy DNA Helix Golf Shoes

You may recall that tour players such as Adam Scott were among the first players to adopt the original DNA before they found their way back to other models saying that they needed something a bit more stable specifically in the heel area.

Interestingly, the golf shoe is not the company’s flagship shoe as it has incorporated feedback from PGA Tour players into its design based on the D.N.A 2.0 shoe that they wanted greater stability from.

As a result, the new extra wide golf shoes feature the new NitroThin 3.0 outsole which is a revised design with a wider area where the cleats are placed further apart and a bit more towards the rear. This allows increased surface area and wider spread of cleats to enhance grip. As a result, the BodiTrack System has proven that the D.N.A helix is 38% more stable compared to D.N.A 2.0.

You can also feel the added EVA in the sole which enhances comfort and works incredibly well with the soft Pulsar spikes.

The shoe upper is made from Pittards’ Chromoskin leather just like in the previous model and has a 1-year waterproof guarantee without a membrane.

The shoe also boasts the Xtra-Thick FTF Fitbed which not only offers increased lateral comfort but also provides comfort with the FootJoy’s 3D Foam Collar helping lock the foot in place.

For people who like being stylish, the shoe is undoubtedly a perfect match as it looks modern and athletic with a premium feel that you are looking for.

The 2017 FootJoy DNA Helix is available in numerous colorways such as Red/White/Blue, black laces version, and White/Silver. There is also the single BOA version in White/Black.

FootJoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes

Every type of golfer will without a doubt find this shoe sturdy yet light and with supreme performance. The Footjoy contour Casual spikeless shoe looks fantastic compared to the original one which was a tad on the geeky side; this one seems more streamlined and boasts that modern look. Footjoy Countor Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes

While the FJ’s logo remains prominent, it’s the minor details that make it a standout which is why it will appeal to most players. Right from the box, the shoe feels fantastic and gives you the confidence that you are ready to go.

The leather uppers are flexible and boast a substantial comfy feel. Additionally, the shoes have proven to be completely waterproof and have a 1-year waterproof warranty, thanks to the seams and saddle which are perfectly watertight.

The footbed is massively cushioned with a thick collar ensuring that your feet are locked in place. It has a three-hole lacing system which despite feeling loose offers the needed snug fit to put you ready for action.

The Duramax outsole provides adequate stability though most players are concerned about slipping in wet conditions as the shoe is spikeless. This is not a concern for these FootJoy extra wide golf shoes, whatsoever.

Although some players feel that lace design lacks the ability to offer the snug fit, the shoes are incredible during the effort of a full swing as the rounded nubs offer the sufficient traction needed.

For players who go for a sporty look, this may not be a perfect shoe for them as the shoes look classy and casual but most players like the style.

The extra wide golf shoes are available in 4 colors, and therefore you can match them to your clothes to suit your mood.

FootJoy® Icon Black Golf Shoes 

Right from the box, the first thing that will strike your eyes is the cork insoles. This was common in traditional golf shoes but was later replaced by other alternatives as time elapsed. The iconic brand was looking to blend elegance, tradition, and craftsmanship as a way of offering the consumer with a high-quality golf shoe at a more accessible price point. The shoe features a premium leather upper made from the finest calfskin which makes the shoe waterproof while maintaining a luxurious finish. Footjoy Icon Black Golf ShoesThe cork insoles work excellently with the golf shoes and have additional cushioning on the important areas of the shoe offering the comfort level you’d expect from FootJoy. The insoles together with the inserts provide unmatched comfort enough to let you stay with the shoes all day long.

The outsole is one of the standouts of the Icon Black as it features a striking design with a stacked leather feature in the heel to enhance traction. To improve grip, the extra wide golf shoes incorporate the new fast twist cleat system that makes it easier to change the spikes. The FootJoy extra wide golf shoes offer unmatched stability, thanks to the 16-component design that deals with the force exerted by a golf swing.

In the FootJoy’s Icon Black, you will experience a whole new level of class as the shoe is all about looking stylish. The shoe boasts a vintage and simple look, unlike the standard plastic-ish look you often come across in most mass production shoes.

You can get Icon Black golf shoes in two styles with a split toe saddle design available in White/Black and White/Ivory as well as T-Toe Dress design which is available in Black/Black patent and Cappuccino Patent/Tan colorways.