Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Violet

Nike VaporMax Flyknit Running Shoes Review

Ever since it was introduced into the market March 2017, the Nike VaporMax Flyknit is a pair of shoes that caught the attention of many. With a reinvented cushioning system, the VaporMax Flyknit running shoes deliver a gravity-defying, lightweight, and bouncy ride shoes. Tested and perfected for over seven years, the VaporMax Flyknit performance and innovation are like you have never felt before. It has eliminated unnecessary layers of bulk. Lightweight and springy, you will always be ready for action with these revolutionary shoes.

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit MOCNike Air was first introduced back in the year 1979. Since then, Nike has employed the use of modern technology to come up with more innovative and better shoes. After the introduction of Air Max, the shoe quickly became a vital and irreplaceable part of running, basketball and even lifestyle sneakers. Early this year when Nike was celebrating its 30th anniversary of the Air Max, it released the biggest sneaker shoe Nike VaporMax around the globe.

Here is a comprehensive review of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 


Air Max moved to another level with the introduction of Air Vapormax, a running sneaker that represents the peak of Nike’s proprietary technology. Not only does this innovation focus on flexing with the natural motion of your foot but also it fulfills the promise of actually running on air without any other layers in between or foam. providing the athletes with unbeatable performance. This shoe gives the athletes great agility and bounce. The designers of this shoe wanted to offer their customers the experience of running in the air. To achieve this, they utilized their cutting edge technology to provide exactly that. Air Vapormax Flyknit is a flexible, lightweight racing shoe that provides extra support and cushioning in its own unique way.Here are some of its amazing features.

  • Material & Upper

The Nike Air Vapormax features a super light Flyknit upper that has Fuse overlays in high wear areas. The shoe has a loose knot pattern for great breathability starting from the toe box. Also, the upper is amazingly comfortable and soft. The Vapormax offers unbeatable comfort feel, and its material is very light. The fabric that has been used to make this shoe acts like a second skin, wrapping the foot in a very secure and balanced comfort. The technology used in making the shoe upper eliminates the need for an additional sock liner. This in return reduces friction while also lowering the total weight of the shoe. Flyknit is a light material that allows the foot to breathe thus helping it to remain cool and dry even in hot or long runs. Although this is a newer model, it has tried to incorporate the use of existing modern technology in its upper known as Flywire. This technology makes use of lightweight cables to secure the foot in place and provide an individualized fit for each athlete. As much as the upper is woven and cloth-like to aid in weight reduction, it still produces the same fit as it is in a more rigid leather upper. Its upper offers superior fit and comfort.

  • Cushion

This is the most hyped aspect of the shoe since it uses the new revolutionary Air cushioning technology. This shoe also doesn’t have a midsole. While most shoes meant for athletes have a midsole to absorb shock, provide cushioning, and add stability, this shoe does not . The upper of the shoe is made using the Flyknit technology that helps to provide amazing stability, cushioning and shock absorption. Due to this feature, Nike felt that it didn’t require a traditional midsole and most athletes agree with them. One other feature that makes this shoe special is that there is nothing between the Air Units,  giving you a feeling of like you are walking on Air.

  • Fit

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit VioletThe Vapormax is a flexible and extremely light shoe. It offers an incredible custom-fit and the upper does not restrict the athlete natural feel movements. It doesn’t matter if your feet are big or wide, you will have no problems putting them on or taking them off.

  • Outsole

The outsole of the Air Vapormax Flyknit is guaranteed to give the athlete an experience that they have never experienced before. The outsole is uniquely made, through the entire length of the sole using Nike’s Air-Sole technology. Nike made the sole of this shoe in a way that it uses air thus making it completely bouncy and clear. It measures the amount of air and placement to support the athlete’s stride.

Bottom Line

Nike has provided quality shoes with high customer rations for a decade now. The Nike Air Vapormax and Vapormax Flyknit are no exception. Their features have met all that the user was expecting from them. They have received great customer reviews from users who have used them before with the average review from Finishline being 4.1 and Eastbay being 4.5. Most comments from the previous users were majorly centered on looks. Users are saying that they like it that the shoes come in a variety of colors and that they are comfortable and lightweight. However, some users feel that both the Nike Air Vapormax and Vapormax Flyknit are not as comfortable to walk with as they expected. This is because they were thinner and more lightweight compared to other Air Max shoes. The width of the shoes is said to be little on the narrow side along with being comfortable and pretty for all-day wear. Most customers say that they bought these shoes for a pure athletic performance while not surprisingly others bought them just because of their good and unusual looks.