Hiking Shoes and CrossFit

In the recent days, CrossFit popularity has been on the rise among men and women who are physically conscious, want to look attractive and are keen on developing their own health. It helps people burn calories within a very short time. CrossFit is a combination of different exercise that ranges from weight training to cardiovascular which may include hiking or rock-climbing. The main idea about CrossFit is to fully engage as many body parts as possible including arms, legs and lungs into physical activities so that they can become healthy and strong.

One major factor that can keep you fully engaged to CrossFit and achieve your results fast is the type of equipment you are using and the fitness attire. For you to be successful in your fitness goal, first you must watch your wardrobe. You must feel comfortable in your CrossFit training. Your outfit is designed to go with the flow of the exercise. This brings us to the shoes that you wear during your training. Your usual rubber and sneaker cannot do the trick when it comes to maximizing your output, not with the pressure that your legs, heels and ankles will have to bear. When choosing a pair of shoes to do your CrossFit, you have to choose a pair that offer maximum comfort and support.

Factors to Consider for That Perfect Cross-Fit Shoe

  • Support

Support entails the overall design, stability during various activities and durability of the shoe. The heel should be stiff enough to carry weight while under heavy loads. It should also offer protection to your ankle and foot during lateral movements and have high absorption during high impact movements. Since there is no component to test for support, high attention is given to the sole.

  • Comfort

It is an important criterion because everyone would like something that makes them feel good and comfortable. Comfort is viewed as a testing subject since every aspect of a shoe goes into whether it’s comfortable or not. Also, a wide range of factors make testing for comfort a tricky task; different individuals have different foot size. With that said, things that are used to look at when testing for comfort is the shape of the product, absorption of the inner sole (sock liner), how the shoe breaths and design.

  • Sensitivity

One the major factor to consider for a perfect cross-fit shoe is the ability to feel the ground during movements. This enables you to know exactly where you are exerting most pressure. Sensitivity is key in weight lifting because every move you make is technical, it requires you to be fully aware of your body all the time.

  • Versatility

This means that the shoe is flexible enough for many activities in cross-fit such as running, hiking etc. and stylish to wear outdoors.

  • Running

Striking a balance between comfort and durability has posed a great problem in the field of cross-fit. The most sought-after factors for a good shoe design lies in the level of support, flexibility and comfort. Runners look for products that will support the contours of their feet, a good fit and also absorb impacts.

La Sportiva hiking footwear is one shoe that has become increasingly popular among most people because of CrossFit. La Sportiva hiking footwear is designed to protect your feet while at the same time empowering them to perform the best physical training you can ever hope to do. Also, they add more wind to your sail, as there are geared to help you enhance your capacity, and enables you to coordinate every movement you make with any of your body parts.

One of the major aspects of CrossFit is climbing. Climbing is an integral part of CrossFit since it provides the upper body workouts which have led into hiking as cardio and strength training combined. Most gym trainers use climbing as an ultimate CrossFit workout. Climbing is a unique exercise that can have positive impacts on both the physical part of the body and the mindset. La Sportiva footwear for both men and women are known to be the best brand for climbing. Some of the two most popular brands include:

  1. Genesis Low GTX

La Sportiva Genesis Low GTX Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Women’s Genesis Low GTX boot is a lightweight shoe meant for grip and comfort on trails. Built for high performance in the mountains, Genesis Low GTX provides technical footwear for long backpacking excursions to objective ranging from high altitudes peaks. The Genesis Low GTX is built with durable leather for torsion support and protection. The shoe features Gore-Tex technology that offers top-notch breathable performance and waterproof protection. In addition, the Nano-Cell inserts bolster the Gore-Tex surround’s effectiveness that helps in enhancing the quick-drying performance and the overall ventilation of the shoe. The shoe also features a compression molded EVA midsole, the TPU and dispersed impact that provides subtle fitness underfoot hence reducing discomfort and fatigue. In a nutshell, here are some of its features:

  • Gore-Tex Surrounds is breathable and waterproof
  • A low profile, yet technical hiking shoe
  • Vibram outsole assures rip and grip
  • Durable upper maintains support and stability
  • TPU inserts defend against errant objects

2. Synthesis Mid GTX

La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX Hiking Boots

La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX provides a great blend of performance, fit and fashionable styling. It stands out from all the others for its uncompromising durability, compounded by waterproof Gore-Tex that makes it suitable for use in all conditions. La Sportiva Mid GTX excels as a super burly trail runner but doubles up as a light hiker, because it is designed for moving quickly. This shoe is built with top-notch material that offers maximum protection to your leg. It makes you feel like you can do literally anything with them. When it comes to comfort, La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX is very comfortable provided you get the right fit for you. One of the added comfort features is the one-pull fast lacing system. Some other additional features include:

  • Uses STB technology that wraps the midsoles and unifies them with the uppers for a lock-down fit and stability
  • Warmth and moisture escapes from below the feet through Gore-Tex membrane into a spacer and also from through the vents at the side
  • Vibram Nano rubber provide aggressive traction
  • Versatile for hiking and running

Bottom Line

La Sportiva hiking shoes is all that you would possibly need for your hiking and CrossFit exercise. With comfy soles, high traction, waterproof uppers that support the foot while freeing your ankle, they are the best hiking and CrossFit shoes. Grab your pair today for an amazing hiking and CrossFit experience!