Best Water Shoes For Men and Women

Going kayaking, boating, intense water sport, rafting or just walking by the rocky beach and it is clear there is absolutely no room for typical sandals, slippers or rubbers. For water sports and other activities that will result in you soaking your feet in water in the process, or being exposed to the risk of stepping on shells or rocks, a very useful and an awesome invention has been made in the form of water shoes. Water shoes are made of high technology rubber, foam plastic, and sometimes covered with relatively quick drying mesh and fabric. They are relatively durable and flexible and must be chosen according to the intended use. Water shoes may be categorized under types and kinds that are all about usage and applications.

Purpose of Water Shoes

For those who enjoy water sports, men’s water shoes or women’s water shoes should be at the top of the list of purchases. They ensure best possible grips on slippery and wet surfaces and maximum protection. If you are planning on taking a more amphibious route, good water shoes offer the functionality for you to be able to head into the water whenever it takes your fancy, and be assured of maximum comfort when you return into the dry land. High-quality men’s water shoes and women’s water shoes serve a number of purposes. Here is a look of some of them:

– Foot protection for Walking in Water

Are you planning to head out for a family vacation in the outdoors? Make sure that in your packing list you include the right men’s water shoes, women’s water shoes and if you are going out with your kids include kid’s water shoes too. This is before heading out to the river, ocean, lake or any other water body. Water shoes are designed in a way that they provide your feet with protection while walking in water so that you and your family can enjoy everything the outdoor has to offer.

– Mobility in Water

Water shoes also come in handy when it comes to offering you mobility in water. They also help to maintain your stability in water and presents a great alternative to wearing your regular shoes out on canoes, boats and similar water transportation. You can look through the entire selection of water shoes and determine which best suits your specific needs.

– Protection from Rocks and Shells

Depending on the environment, it is vital to have water shoes so as to keep your feet safe while in water. They can help guard you against sea shells, sharp rocks and other potentially harmful debris that ends up on the floor of a water body.

– Tight Fit Allows Them to Stay on Feet Despite Water Movement

Water movement can sometimes be high on water bodies causing your shoes want to come out. Water shoes are tight and will stay on feet despite how heavy water movement is. Zipper or drawstring closure can also help keep debris from floating into the shoes and causing discomfort.

Recommended Brands

1. Teva

Teva are amazing shoes that happen to perform incredibly well when they are wet. They can be used for camping, rafting, boating and for basic running especially along the beach. They have an upper mesh that enables the shoe to dry quickly and keeps your feet cool, without appearing like you are wearing the water shoe. The rugged rubber sole withstand the rough trails and rocks. The only drawback on these shoes is that they are quite heavy.

2. Merril

Merril is another great water shoes. It is water friendly and very comfortable to water within wet areas, thanks to the support, comfort cushioning, flexible shock absorption and microfiber. You can confidently walk with it in water bodies since it has a tough sole that rocks and sea shells cannot penetrate.

3. Keen 

Keen Shoes were created to fill a niche in the summer shoe market, offering the support of a hiking boot, the protection of a hiking shoe and the lightweight construction of a sandal. There are extremely comfortable to wear, and they feature and award winning design that is perfect for water yet very practical for hiking. The shoes feature polyester webbing to prevent stretching. They are also lightweight to keep your feet fresh for longer.

4. Speedo

Speedo shoes are intended for catching some waves, doing some swimming or even jogging on the beach. If you use them on activities such as hiking or walking on the pavement, expect wear out much sooner. They have a synthetic sole, and together with the knit upper, it makes them extremely light weight and won’t wear you down on your water activities. They are breathable, and the mesh can be quickly removed for fast drying.

5. Columbia 

The Columbia water shoes are not used for running or hiking; they are incredible slip on shoes that are not afraid of getting little wild and wet. As much as they look just like standard canvas models, they do carry a porous midsole inside and 3 draining ports that shed off the water. They are very comfortable water shoes.

Pros and Cons


– Your feet stay warm and dry.

– Have proper drainage.

– Eliminates excuses for not running in bad weather.

– They dry easily.

– Lesser chances of getting frostbite or cold feet.

– Transaction during wetness.

– Allows for uninhibited running in inclement weather conditions.


– Feet can get too hot during sunny runs.

– Appropriate sizing. Most of the models are either larger or smaller.

– In some models, there is lack of arch support.

– Feet are still vulnerable from getting wet from moisture that gets into the socks.

– Most models are narrower than expected. This is because of the snugly designed fit.

What are some of The Uses of Water Shoes?

Water shoes have various uses that prove to be beneficial to those people who spend time in any water activities.

– Water Aerobics

One of the most common uses of water shoes are for water aerobics classes in the pool. During water aerobics, participants are moving and jumping around quickly, making it easy to slip or scrape your feet into the bottom of the pool.

– Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a large water body while equipped with a diving mask, usually, swim fins and a shape breathing tube known as a snorkel. Water shoes help greatly while snorkeling.

– Beach walking

Water shoes are widely used while taking a walk along the beach. They have the ability to dry faster after they are exposed to water, and they are lightweight among other reasons.

– Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are sports that involve large water body. Water is prompt to get in touch with your footwear. People undertaking this activities are widely known to use water shoes.

– Tubing

Tubing is a recreational activity where the person rides on top of an inner tube, either on snow, air or water. People that are doing tubing on water use water shoes for comfortability.

– Fishing

There are so many potential risks your feet are exposed to while you are out fishing. Therefore, it is advisable to wear something that will protect you from any potential injury on the water. Water shoes are the best for that.

– Swimming in both pools, lakes, rivers and oceans

Recommended Models

– Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

Columbia Drainmaker III Water shoes

The Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe is a water hybrid shoe that feels just like water running shoe built to be worn comfortably in and out of the water. It only weights 291 grams. It is equipped with quick dry capability.

– Merrell Men’s Rockbit Cove Hiking Water Shoe

This design is to date best water shoe from Merrell. They are nice and comfortable fit. They work greatly in water and have the ability to dry quickly.

– Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

This shoe is efficient and comfortable. Its waxy leather upper is made for forging creeks. It is also lightweight and dries quickly.

– Keens Women’s Whisper Shoe

Elastic cording provides this lightweight performance shoes with a secure fit and makes them easy to adjust in and out of the water. They have one of the finniest quality and will give you years of service.

Bottom Line

There you have it; all you need to know about best water shoes for men and women. Grab yours today for you to be comfortable in the water and away from any risk of harming your feet.