Victor S81 Badminton Shoes

The Newest and Best Badminton Shoes For 2017

Badminton shoes are of vital importance to play your game to the best of your ability. Check out this article on how important badminton shoes are for match play. For 2017, there are several new badminton shoe models which encompass fresh looks and enhanced performance features. Badminton shoes have come a long way and include sharing more characteristics of running and fashion sneakers. As we have done in previous years, we have outlined the best badminton shoes for 2015 and the The A-List Of 2016 Badminton Shoes . So of course, we are going to continue our tradition and discuss the newest and best badminton shoes that are making their debut for 2017

Victor Badminton

Victor is one of the largest manufacturer of Badminton shoes and equipment in the world. Badminton is their specialty, and for 2017 they have introduced several new models that have an updated look and technology to upgrade your badminton footwork game.

Victor S81 Badminton Shoes

The Victor S81 badminton shoes adopt the trend of the knit uppers that are now popular in many other running and athletic shoes. This model is part of Victor’s professional line, which have incorporated several new editions of comfort and fit technologies into the new models for 2017. The new version of EnergyMax offers an increase of rebound and shock protection to make the T81 more responsive and comfortable. Victor S81 Badminton ShoesThe new midsole helps to reduce weight and increase shoe life. The new mesh layer isn’t only stylish, but aids in the superior ventilation of the foot. The outsole has also been upgraded to provide significant increase in slip-resistance. The Victor T81 is available in Red/Blue, Black/Green or Red/Black.



Victor A830 Badminton Shoes

The A830 Badminton Shoes are arguably the best looking badminton shoes released for 2017. This model offers an updated rubber over mesh upper that allows for stability and superior breathibility. The sole features the Radiation pattern which allows for more grip during the toughest and most challenging lateral and vertical movements. Victor SH-A830CG Badminton ShoesThe U-Shaped toe box allows for a little more room for feet without requiring a wider width shoe. The toe area is also reinforced with wear-resistant materials which are tested to be 16 times more resistant than previous models. The Victor A830 is available in eye catching colors such as Orange/Blue, Violet/Red and Neon Green/Black




Victor SHA501 Badminton Shoes

Victor’s SHA501 Badminton shoes carry the more traditional look that badminton players over the years have come to appreciate. Victor SH-A501 Badminton ShoesThe uppers of this model are made of leather with mesh in the tongue and heel area. The traditional look continues with most of the color choices which feature white as their main color. The SH-A501 FE and SH-A501 FF models break away slightly from the traditional look by offering Blue/Gold or Blue/White color choices. Performance features include Victor’s Brace-Tec which provides more comfort and support in the mid foot and heel areas.





Yonex is the world leader in Golf, Tennis and Badminton equipment who are constantly exploring new materials, new designs and new ways of improving an athletes game.

Yonex Powercushion Aerus 2 for Men & Women

The Power Cushion Aerus 2 Badminton Shoes have been updated for 2017 with new bright colors Yonex Powercushion Aerus 2 Ladies Badminton Shoesand an electrifying pattern on the upper to match. The shoe is the lightest in the Yonex Badminton lineup at 270g and offers more ventilation than last year’s model with additional mesh slats built into the mid-foot. Models are available for both Men & Women.

Yonex Power Cushion 03 and Power Cushion 03 Z for Men and Women

The Power Cushion 03 badminton shoes have Newly designed uppers which provide remarkably improved fit and stability on the courts. Yonex Power Cushion 03 Badminton ShoesColors available are Coral Red, Light Blue and White/Black. Power Cushion 03’s will make their debut in March 2017. We will update the page with more information when they are officially released.

Black Knight

Black Knight is a racquet sports company formed by racquet enthusiasts in 1976 and have since become a major brand in North America and around the world.

Black Knight Reactor Indoor Court Shoes

The Black Knight Reactor Court shoes are a new Court shoe model for 2017, and are a testament to the enthusiast culture of the company. Black Knight Reactor Indoor Court ShoesThese court shoes have a distinct and intimidating look on the upper that mimics a player who means business. The black and white design is crisp and aggressive with sharp angles that call attention to the Black Knight emblem in the mid foot. Toe dragging protection and lateral stability are hallmarks of this model. The gum rubber sole is perfect for many different indoor courts such as Badminton, Squash, Racquetball and Table Tennis.




Salming Sports

Salming is a Swedish sports brand,which specializes in sport clothing and equipment for Squash, Handball, Floorball and running. They have recently also added Badminton to their list of sports to make top notch products for.

Salming Kobra Badminton Shoes for Men & Women

Salming’s Kobra Badminton shoes are new for 2017 and combine Salming Kobra Badminton Shoesall of the features that are needed during the fast pace of Badminton play: lightweight, superior cushioning and stability. The EXO Skeleton stabilizes the foot during lateral movement and the roll bar on the outer sole assists with toe push off. The Salming Kobra are available for both Men and Women.


Feroc International

Feroc International is a sports brand who provides stylish and innovative sports gear to aspiring sport players. The company produces quality shoes for many sports including volleyball badminton, cricket,  tennis, basketball and football.

Feroc Power Badminton Shoes

The Feroc Power Badminton Shoes offers a simple and clean design with tasteful and colorful Feroc Power Badminton Shoesaccents along with its light weight make this highly customer rated shoe a good choice for many badminton players.

Feroc Flex FCI Badminton Shoes

The Feroc Flex FCI badminton shoes are kind on joints and Feroc Flex FCI Badminton Shoesfeet and will provide comfort for the badminton player. The Ergoshape design provides a bit more toe box width for added comfort and stability. The non-marking outsole features lightweight Hexagrip rubber to provide improved court grip.

Nivia Sports

Nivia is an Indian manufacturer of sports equipment and footwear for sports played on an indoor court such as Badminton, Squash, Volleyball and Basketball.


Nivia Hy-Court BD-190 Badminton Shoes


The Hy-Court BD-190 Badminton shoesNivia Hy-Court BD-190 Badminton Shoes offer a simply designed upper made from mesh and synthetic leather which are designed for both concrete and wood playing surfaces. Available colors are white/blue or red/yellow.

Nivia Appeal BD-155 Badminton Shoes


Nivia Appeal Badminton Shoes offer a soft Cushioned Tongue and Ankle, Textured Outsole Nivia Appeal BD-155 Badminton Shoeswith Patterned Grooves. Additional features include an asymmetrical fit that gives the foot the support and stability it needs for more accurate footwork.



Kawasaki Sporting Goods

Kawasaki? The company that excels in motorcycle and marine equipment? They also make badminton equipment? Yes they do! The sports division has been around since 1915 and is now in over 50 countries worldwide. Kawasaki Badminton ShoesTheir equipment offers thoughtfully designed and quality equipment and reasonable prices. Click here to see a list of Kawasaki Badminton shoe models