Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 Womens Volleyball Shoes

The Latest Mizuno Volleyball Shoes for Men and Women

There is no doubt that Mizuno makes some of the best volleyball shoes on the market today. Most of their shoes contain the “Wave” technology, which made its debut in Mizuno’s running shoes. Mizuno’s wave is unique technology allows the sole of the shoe to spread forces and energy evenly for smoothness and comfort during running. In addition, the technology provides extra support in the arch which helps to keep your foot centered for protection and overpronation support. See our list below for our choice for the best Mizuno Volleyball shoes which can be considered some of the best volleyball shoes for women, men and junior players.

Mizuno Synchro MX Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Synchro MX is a new release shoe available for both men and women that can easily become a contender for the best volleyball shoe around. The Synchro MX boasts a two-sole midsole featuring a high quality and durable upper and a soft cushioned base for unmatched support. It has a 3D shaped dual density midsole that offers a responsive feel through its excellent cushioning that makes you feel comfortable. The midsole combines two different compounds that offer guidance and cushioning during movements. The upper midsole employs a denser material that adds stability while the lower side of the midsole has U4icX foam that’s known for incredible cushioning. You will definitely enjoy running down balls in this shoe with its flex grooves that are found at its heel to promote back-front foot movement that feels like that rocking-chair motion. The uppers of the shoe are made up of lightweight, breathable seamless mesh that keeps your feet well aerated and adds another dimension of versatility. The outsole of Mizuno Synchro MX is rubberized to feel smooth and allow flexibility. Better yet, the rubber sole is durable for long lasting wear. The interior of the Mizuno Synchro MX has a sock-like fitting wrap that covers the foot to keep your feet tightly held for a secure, comfortable feel. The Synchro MX comes in various colors such as Blue/White, Black/White, to suit your mood and taste.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoes

The key to a fantastic volleyball performance lies in the footwear. The Wave Lightning Z2 volleyball shoe has undergone through technical advancements in cushioning and materials used to create it and are one of the few volleyball shoes available in both low and mid-height. The uppers of the shoe have been made of fuse which is meant to reduce weight and create an unparalleled fit. Besides the shoe uppers employs the DynaMotion technology which ensures that the shoe fits the user’s feet comfortably but without restriction. With the amazing volleyball shoe, your feet will not overheat because the shoe has the Mizuno Intercool Ventilation system that reduces heat and keeps your feet fresh. The midsole is made of PoWnCe (Power + Bounce) which is lightweight and increases the ability to rebound. There’s also a shock absorbing material that helps in fast and smooth transition. Besides, the shoe is made using Wave Plate technology that helps to disperse impact forces away to prevent the user from hurting the feet as a result of jumping. The midfoot area has a groove that helps the player turn as a maximum speed without hassle. The men’s Mizuno volleyball shoes also come with a sensor point suspension system that helps to connect the wave plate to the floor to offer added support and stability. The Wave Lightning Z2 outsole is made of XG rubber which is high-quality rubber that combines a multidirectional pattern and flex grooves to increase traction. In volleyball where traction is essential, this shoe will help you, especially during quick rallies. The shoe has been made for players who need great court feel and play the game at their own level. If you want to get flashy, the shoe offers many colorways such as Red/Navy and Silver/Black.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 2 Volleyball Shoes

Setting, blocking and spiking has never been easier than in the Women’s Wave Hurricane 2 volleyball shoes. The shoe features a triple layer mesh upper that is lightweight and offers enough breathability to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The shoe is 8.1 oz. which is super light for you in the court. The insoles have an anatomical cup that enhances the comfort of the shoe for a fantastic performance. In the game of volleyball where the feet will rough up with the floor, you need a shoe that can absorb the shock. It’s the reason why the Mizuno volleyball shoes have shock-absorbing areas in the forefoot areas to keep your feet comfortable. The Wave Hurricane 2 employs Pebax parallel Mizuno Wave Technology that ensures that any shock is dispersed off uniformly. The women’s shoes have strategically designed grooves in the rubberized outsole that offer unmatched traction as well as flexibility and also combats any instability in the forefoot by maintaining their structure even during heavy stress. It comes in various colors such as Black/Silver and White/Black to fit your style and taste.

Mizuno Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoes

Be a star in volleyball in the Mizuno Wave Bolt 5 shoes. The women’s shoe has been made with the Zigzag Mizuno Wave technology that offers uniform shock dispersion needed in the game. The uppers are airmesh and synthetic made to provide defined breathability and comfort. Besides, they make the shoe lightweight weighing just 8.4 oz. The insoles bear an anatomical cup insoles for support and protection against injury. The shoes boast a full-length EVA AP midsoles that offer optimal shock absorption and lightweight performance. The midsole of the Wave Bolt 5 has a ventilation system that reduces humidity buildup and heat to keep your feet cool for an excellent comfortable performance. The Mizuno volleyball shoes have Dura Shield technology in the toe area that keeps the shoe strong in the toe box during stressing moments. The presence of the sensor point suspension system enhances the connection of the wave plate to the ground for increased traction and support.The Wave Bolt 5 volleyball shoe has duraMotion Groove that increases stability and flexibility throughout the forefoot for smooth movements.The shoe has a non-marking rubber outsole that offers superior traction and is long lasting. The shoe comes in various nice looking colors such as Black/Silver, White/Red, White/Royal and White Black.

Mizuno Lightning Star Z2 Kids Volleyball Shoes

After Wave Lightning Star Z, there came the Lightning Star Z2 as an upgrade. The volleyball shoe is extremely light and feels super flexible on the court. It features a seamless upper that ensures there is irritation and offers a snug fit for comfort. The shoe has a lace up closure to offer a snug fit. The cushioning is the best you can have with the combination of the EVA material and the Mizuno parallel wave plate. The midsole is made of PoWCe material which makes the shoe super light without compromising the cushioning; it’s the perfect combination. The shoe also has the D-Flex groves that allow easy acceleration. It has SR touch inserts that add more cushioning all-around the forefoot to reduce any shock impact at the toes. Besides, the SR inserts have been made with a kick sensor technology that converts shocks into forward movement. The outsole is made of gum rubber that is not only flexible but also offers unmatched traction the court for quick movements. The Mizuno volleyball shoes come in many colorways such as Black/Silver and Yellow Blue.

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