Jump Shoes To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Looking for a fun and interesting way to increase your jumping height during sports play? Jump shoes may just be your answer. Jump shoes, combined with jumping shoes workouts or other exercises can provide your legs and feet the training they need to jump higher for basketball dunks, jump higher for volleyball spikes or get more extension for tennis overhead smashes. Jump shoes come in 3 different types:


Jumpsoles are small, trampoline like platforms that attach onto your regular shoes. These jump shoes have secure velcro fasteners that fit across the front and forefoot and heel for a secure fit. The jumpsoles are touted to help leg muscles become more accustomed to fast movements, which in turn helps increase your jump height. These shoes also come with a training DVD to help you make the most of what these shoes have to offer to help you jump higher and move off the line faster.


Plyometric Jump Shoes

Plyometric shoes have an appearance of lightweight training shoes with a platform attached to the bottom of the sole. Plyometric shoes are similar to jumpsoles, where the platform causes the support to shift from the heel to the calves, which causes the calves and Achilles tendon to work even harder to gain strength to increase vertical jumps and more explosive, first step power. strength-shoes-Jump-Shoes-black_whiteThere are 2 companies that make plyometric shoes. Strength Shoes make 2 different models of plyometric shoes that differ in weight. The black/silver version of the Strength Shoes are the newest model. The differences between the older black/red model are: lighter weight, thicker platform and different, more breathable materials for increased ventilation. Because of the different material, the black/silver model runs a 1/2 size larger.

Jump 99 also makes a pair of plyometric shoes, but they only come in a single model, which are found in white with blue trim.

Kangaroo Jumps

Kangaroo Jumps are the most complex looking pair of jump shoes, but provide a different purpose from the plyometric shoes discussed above. Where plyometric shoes are designed to place the burn on your calves and Achilles tendon, Kangaroo Jumping Boots are designed to soften the impact of plyometric exercise while still providing the fun that these types of exercises offer. Kangaroo jumps are also used for rehabilitation of sports injuries. When looking at the shoes and the platform that they reside on, the built in cushioning is readily apparent. kangaroo-jumps-jumping-shoesThe Kangaroo Jumps have uppers that look like ski boots or roller blades that are attached to curved blades or shells that provide traction and adjustable resistance. The outer boots are made of tough plastic that won’t break. The inner boot is machine washable. Similar to ski boots, the boots of the kangaroo jumps offer buckles that come on and off easy.

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Which Jump Shoes are the best for you?

When deciding which Jump Shoes to purchase, the decision really boils down to comfort and budget. If you are use to performing plyometric exercises and are looking to develop more explosive movements to enhance your sports performance and budget is not a concern then the Plyometric shoes offered by Jump 99 or Strength Shoes would be ideal. If this situation fits you, but budget is a concern, a pair of jumpsoles may be the better choice. Kangaroo Jumps are the most expensive but offer several comfort features that can make their use more fun and relaxing. Whichever pair you decide to choose are likely to provide a shoe wearing experience that will forever give you a new shoe wearing perspective.



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