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Racewalking Inspiration – 2016 Best Walking Shoes For Men

One of the weirdest and probably most interesting sports to watch in the ongoing 2016 Rio Olympics is race walking colloquially known as speed walking. You have to admit that walking for 31 miles on foot is no easy feat. What makes it even harder is the rules. You have to keep one foot on the ground with your knee locked straight whenever you are taking a step forward. The sport was unveiled in 1908 summer Olympics in London.

However, in 1960, one man completely changed the technique previously used in race walking; his name was Jerzy Hausleber a polish. He changed the belief that Race walking could only be done by tall men because they had longer strides. Hausleber discovered that even the shorter and flexible athletes could make their strides more frequent. He came up with the wiggle technique. He argued that working out the pelvic more can help in race walking.

What are the benefits of walking?

Forget about the competing in the race walking races at the Olympics, lets talk about walking for fitness. Keep in mind that walking quickly is different from race walking. Walking offers numerous benefits such as weight maintenance, stronger cardiovascular ability, and a better resting heart rate. Experts say that walking is better than jogging in regards to health benefits.

They say that walking is superior to running regarding stress and strain on the body. For people who want to lose weight, race walking helps to burn double the amount of calories as compared to running. Finally, people who do race walking are less prone to injuries compared to those who run.

What are the best shoes to wear when walking?

Research shows that wearing the wrong shoes in the sport can harm your feet and may even contribute to serious long-term injuries. After a detailed research, we came up with a list of top 4 shoes that would bring the right balance of flexibility and support for walkers. These shoes feel better and better, mile after mile. Here are the best walking shoes for men in 2016:

Mephisto Match Walking Shoes

Mephisto Match Walking Shoes

These are one of the most comfortable walking shoes that you can buy. They have a soft leather upper that offers comfort while walking and an anatomical fit. These walking shoes have a full lace upper that offers a snug fit. The padded collar offers comfort to the ankles. The comfy calfskin lining and an excellently cushioned insole ensure enough air circulation to the feet to reduce stress and increase comfort. The midsole are made of natural latex and have a lightweight cushioning which ensures that every step is accompanied by comfort. The traction pattern of the soles ensures enough traction so that you don’t slip. The walking shoes have rubber outsoles which are not only durable but also flexible to increase speed.

New Balance 847v2 Walking Shoes

New Balance 847v2 Walking Shoes

This shoe has been loaded with numerous features that suit walking for sport. They offer the traditional lace-up closure that provides an anatomical fit to keep your feet well-held and supported. The upper is made of a breathable mesh which provides enough breathability to keep the feet well ventilated. They have a phantom liner which keeps the fit relaxed and comfortable. The new balance shoes have been made with premium foams that cradle you heel, increase comfort on the underfoot and cushion the topside of the foot. These walking shoes have a padded collar as well as a tongue for extra support to your feet. The ortholite foam collar offers a custom, cushioned fit and also control odor. The men’s walking shoes have a LIGHTNING DRY technology which prevents water from entering the shoes to keep your feet dry and fresh all day. The foam insoles are removable to suit people who have orthotics. The ABZORB tech used in the midsole offers added cushion for comfort and also support. The rear side of the shoe has RollBar technology which controls the movement of the rear foot. The walking shoes have a PU strobe board for added support. The outsole is made of rubber which has a pattern to offer unmatched traction and also flexibility. The shoe comes in various colorways such Grey/White and White/Grey as to suit your personal mood.

ECCO Men’s Cool GTX walking shoes

ECCO Sport Cool Walking Shoes

If you need sneakers for walking, you can meet the ECCO Men’s Cool GTX walking shoe. The shoe meets premium construction and offers wear ability in temperate conditions and unparalleled durability. The ECCO walking shoes feature GORE-TEX SURROUND, a technology that blends a waterproof and breathable membrane to offer your feet enough aeration while also keeping them dry for unmatched comfort. The upper is made of smooth perforated yak leather for comfort and durability not mentioning the descent look it offers. The men’s walking shoes feature Ghillie-style loop and metal eyelets for the traditional lace closure to offer a customizable fit. The new balance walking shoes have side ventilation ports for enough sufficient aeration. The insole is of high density to enhance moisture transportation and keep your feet comfortable. Directed-injected PU midsole foam lasts for very long to offer excellent cushioning and exceptional walking comfort. The insole is removable to accommodate orthotics. A mesh lining is included for comfort. The lightweight, durable and flexible TPU outsole offers outstanding comfort all day long. The shoe comes in attractive colorways such as Warm gray/Orange and Poseidon.

ROCKPORT Men’s We’re Rockin Rock Cove walking shoes

If you’ve been growing tired too first during walking, you can try the ROCKPORT Men’s We’re Rockin Rock Cove shoe. The Rockport upper is made of a combination of premium suede leather and breathable mesh to offer unparalleled breathability. The walking shoes feature a traditional closure with three eyelets and a three-loop lace closure to provide a snug fit. They also have a padded color and a tongue for incredible comfort. It has the EVA midsole that are excellently cushioned to offer support and comfort. The footbed is made of original latex to provide a comfy feel. They have a rubber outsole that provides flexibility and durability. They come in various colors such as Brown Suede/Mesh and Grey Suede. If you walk a lot, you owe your feet the ROCKPORT Men’s Walking Shoes

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