Victor Badminton Shoes Buying Guide

Victor Badminton is one of the largest badminton manufactures in the world. They offer a large variety of badminton shoes that will compliment players of all levels, from beginners to advanced and professionals. Badminton requires footwear that can handle stability and the quick change of directions the sport requires. Victor badminton has classified their footwear into 3 different categories to help choose the shoe that is suitable to your style of game and footwork . The footwear classifications are:

All AroundThese shoes have shock resistant, stable and lightweight characteristics which help to reduce foot impact and increase stability to help increase movement.

Support – These shoes have shock resistant and stable characteristics which absorb impact and provide an increased level of stability for lateral movement and help to prevent pronation.

Speed – These shoes have lightweight characteristics. The insoles are lighter in weight and are resistant to change shape to increase speed of movement. In addition, the hardness of the insoles absorbs impact and help to transfer the energy to prepare for the next foot movement.

See our handy chart below. Pictures of the shoes are included, along with their classification.

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