Racquetball Shoes For 2015


Ektelon is a division of Prince and specifically caters to the sport of racquetball. Their racquetball shoes are based off their Prince tennis counterparts with the different parts necessary to make them racquetball compatible. They have 3 new models introduced for 2015.

Ektelon T22 Mid – White/Black/Energy Blue

Ektelon T22 Racquetball Shoes

The Ektelon T22 Mid Racquetball shoes are currently the 1 best selling racquet sports shoe in the U.S. This model is now available in a new color pattern: White/Black/Energy Blue. The upper features mesh along the toe and port holes on each side of the shoe to provide maximum breath-ability. The outsole is  made of high strength rubber to provide great traction and durability. Shockeraser and Soft Spring foot technologies are inserted in the midsole to disperse shock and enhance comfort. The Ektelon T22 is known for having a comfortable fit, stability and long lasting

NFS Attack Mid

Ektelon NFS Mid


NFS stands for Natural Foot shape. The NFS Attack Mid have a similar shape to basketball shoes. These Racquetball designed models feature a synthetic leather upper with larger areas of open mesh inserts in the toe and sides of the shoe for comfort and breath-ability.  The side mesh inserts feature black and red coloring with a red Ektelon logo. The midfoot and toe construction in the NFS Attack Mid help protect the foot from unwanted movements during aggressive on court moves which leads to increased stability. The sole of the NFS Attack Mid have a greater amount of gum rubber in their sole compared to the T22 model which provide a greater level of traction. The NFS Attack Mid are available in White/Black and Black/Red.

NFS Attack Low

Ektelon NFS Attack Low

The Ektelon NFS Attack Low have the same features as the NFS Attack Mid. They are regular height shoes and are available in Yellow/Black.



Harrow Sports is a manufacturer of racquet and field sport equipment.

Harrow Vortex

Harrow Vortex

The Harrow Vortex Court Shoe feature an  eye-catching design, large areas of breathable mesh and a cross patterned upper makes the Vortex perfect for practice  or real matches. The eye-catching lime green and blue uppers are low profile and feature stronger arch stability to and increase cushioning and decrease unwanted movements.


Mizuno Sports Equipment has released a new version of it’s Wave Tornado indoor court shoes.
Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Shoes

Mizuno Wave Tornado 9

The Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 shoes are available in the sharp colors of Blue/Yellow/White and White/Navy/Red. The Mizuno Wave® technology recrates nature’s wave phenomonen in it’s shoes. The technology redirects the force of impact away from your foot and keeping your foot centered through the whole foot stride.  Dynamotion Fit™  technology ensures that the shoe always moves with the motion of your feet, stretching and contracting whenever needed. Proper ventilation is provided by the Mizuno Intercool™ system which provides ventilation through the full length of the midsole. The sole is made from extra grade rubber to provide a higher level of traction.

Badminton and Volleyball shoes can also be used for playing racquetball or squash. Check out our list of Badminton Shoes for 2015 for additional indoor court choices and options.

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